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Hackerrank vs LeetCode vs Toggl Hire: What is the Best Technical Skills Test for Hiring Developers?

Hiring developers can be tricky. Developing code is a skill that can’t be reflected in resumes or interviews alone. That’s why many organizations use technical skills tests to evaluate candidates’ abilities. In this article, we’ll be putting some of the most talked-about skills test platforms up against each other in the battle of Hackerrank vs

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Selecting Recruitment Software for Growing Companies

Why is recruiting so hard? Your company is growing and expanding, so you need to find that special someone who can help you keep up that momentum. When you have a growing business, you can’t just throw people at it; you need to find the right people. Sifting through applications can take hours or days

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How to Hire Account Executives: The Definitive Guide

Every business needs to keep their customers happy, and for many of them, this responsibility falls to their Account Executives. Whether you’re in a state of growth or have an established customer base, you’ll need to know how to hire Account Executives to keep your customers satisfied.  Many people think of an Account Executive as

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What Is Talent Acquisition and How To Do It Well

Ask any business leader the most important part of a successful business, and many will tell you it’s the people that matter most. Whilst most people know what recruitment is, ask someone “what is talent acquisition?” and you may not get a clear answer. By the end of this article, you’ll understand what talent acquisition

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How to Hire Sales Reps to Grow Your Company

Sales are the lifeblood of your business. No sales means no revenue, so without them, you’ll soon find yourself in trouble. With sales being so important, it’s surprising that many people don’t know how to hire sales reps! Sales Development Representatives (SDR’s) are tasked with discovering a business’ next paying customer. Awesome SDR’s are some of

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Toggl Hire: Quarter 1, 2021

We hit the ground running in 2021, and have got a lot to fill you in on! So let’s jump right in. Product Updates 5 New Skills Added You can now test candidates on 5 new skills – Financial Transactions, Elixir, SQL Server, Git, and GraphQL. If there are any skills we don’t currently have

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Hiring Tests: 5 Practices Every Business Should Know

Hiring new team members shouldn’t be difficult. You don’t want to spend energy on a job search that takes a lot of time, costs big money, and leaves you with a large pool of candidates to search through when it may not even result in you finding the person you are looking for. Today’s businesses


What to Expect from Pre-Employment Assessment Tests

How does a company improve the candidates that they actually assess? Many sites and platforms offer solutions, some claiming to get the right candidate in less than 24 hours, but these often don’t account for quality. The best way to find that perfect candidate, and make it easier in the process, is through pre-employment assessment


Employee Selection Process: Six Steps to Improve Your Recruiting Strategy

Ready to post a new job description but worried you won’t draw in the candidate you are really looking for? The employee selection process can take months to work through and has no shortage of paperwork for HR and the hiring team. Even after all the hassle, there are cases where the employee doesn’t end

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What are the Best Recruiting Tools for HR?

Hiring new employees for a company is an arduous and important task; get the right people and your business can thrive, hire the wrong people and you can lose money and time. Going through the process of recruiting new members to teams must be well thought through, and it needs to use all the tools

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3 Ways The Right Hiring Tool Makes Recruiting Easier

Hiring has gotten harder, not easier. With online applications opening the floodgates to applicants, no matter their applications, HR professionals and managers have found the search for the right candidate takes more time. 55% of hiring experts saw an increase in applicants per position in 2020, according to a survey conducted by Toggl Hire. What’s

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5 Benefits of Online Assessment Tools for Recruitment

The internet is a huge part of our daily lives, so it’s no surprise that employers have recognized the advantages it can bring to hiring and managing their employees. Using online assessment tools for recruitment is a great way to reduce hiring and training costs, and to make sure you put all the right people