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What are the Best Recruiting Tools for HR?

Hiring new employees for a company is an arduous and important task; get the right people and your business can thrive, hire the wrong people and you can lose money and time. Going through the process of recruiting new members to teams must be well thought through, and it needs to use all the tools

Hiring Tools

3 Ways The Right Hiring Tool Makes Recruiting Easier

Hiring has gotten harder, not easier. With online applications opening the floodgates to applicants, no matter their applications, HR professionals and managers have found the search for the right candidate takes more time. 55% of hiring experts saw an increase in applicants per position in 2020, according to a survey conducted by Toggl Hire. What’s

Hiring Tools

5 Benefits of Online Assessment Tools for Recruitment

The internet is a huge part of our daily lives, so it’s no surprise that employers have recognized the advantages it can bring to hiring and managing their employees. Using online assessment tools for recruitment is a great way to reduce hiring and training costs, and to make sure you put all the right people

Hiring Tools

5 Reasons Skills Tests are the Best Recruitment Software for Small Businesses

Recruitment software makes things easier. How? By being what candidates want! Recruitment software for small businesses handles it all, but which one is right for you? Recruitment is a time-consuming process. Can you really trust it to go digital? The answer is yes—when you know what you are looking at. Here are five reasons skills


Tips to Get The Most Out of Your Pre-Employment Screening Tests

This is the digital age. Zoom and Microsoft Teams are common ways of communicating between employers and employees. There is less physical contact allowed and working remotely has become the new normal. It should not be a surprise that, when you are hiring, hiring remotely with no physical connection has also become the new way


Is Technical Screening the Secret Quality Hiring Weapon?

It is not uncommon to find resumes and cover letters that stretch the truth of one’s capabilities. In a highly competitive market, it only makes sense that everyone will do whatever it takes to stand out – even if that means adding in a technical skill you aren’t actually a master at. For employers, sifting

Hiring Tools

Five Types of Pre-Employment Assessment Tests

Pre-employment assessment tests, when used properly, can be incredibly useful for giving additional insight into potential employees. They can help to narrow down the candidate list for a popular job posting, they can give some additional information about each potential candidate, and they can even help sort candidates for more appropriate roles within your organization.


What are Pre-Employment Tests and What Do You Need to Know?

Recruiting is difficult. While hiring businesses now have more access to quality candidates than ever before, this also usually means that unqualified or under-qualified candidates can easily apply for positions. The result is hundreds of applications being sent to almost any position posted and leaves hiring managers drowning in too many applicants to find someone


Hiring Mistakes – The Three Most Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Hiring the Wrong Person

Expanding your company can be quite the ordeal, and if you end up hiring the wrong candidates for a job, you will regret it. Sometimes you will get a good result from hiring a new person to your company, and sometimes you get a really bad result. You need to look at every incident of

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21 Recruitment Industry Trends for 2021 [INFOGRAPHIC]

Hiring experts share their insights on top recruitment industry trends for 2021 – from remote work & diversity hiring to candidate experience & tech tools.


The HR Podcast List: Top 8 for 2021

Honest HR by SHRM In the world of HR, there are very few people who are not familiar with SHRM, or the Society for Human Resource Management. They are known for producing excellent content around HR and this podcast is no exception. Led by three hosts, Honest HR breaks down all types of HR topics,

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7 Crucial Characteristics of Customer Service

We spoke to our superstar customer service team at Toggl Track to understand the 7 crucial characteristics of customer service representatives. Here’s what we learned: Hard skills 1. Deep knowledge of your product or service Your customer service rep is the bridge between what you’re selling and your customer. They need to be able to