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7 Tips on How to Fire Someone Remotely

We frequently write about hiring remotely (surprise), but today, we are venturing over to the flip side. The “F” word – the art of letting someone go. It can be challenging to fire someone when you work from an office, but even more so when you’re working remotely. So, how to fire someone when you


How to Hire a Digital Marketer in 2021

Learning how to hire a digital marketer is a vital part of any business’ growth. If you’ve never undertaken this task, or are just a little rusty, read on, this one’s for you. What is a digital marketer A digital marketer is a person in charge of growing a company’s online presence through digital channels,

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8 Tips for Writing a Compassionate Rejection Letter

Getting a rejection letter for a job you really wanted is never an easy experience. Also, writing a rejection letter can be stressful, even for the best of us. This is truer than ever nowadays when the pandemic forces candidates to be extremely competitive. How you as a company handle this rejection is a critical

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6 Skills of a Good Employee (& How to Test Them)

There’s a lot more to a great worker than the skills needed to do the job. Here are some of the most important skills of a good employee outside of their job description.

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10 Creative Tips for a Killer Employee Referral Program

Employee referral programs don’t have to follow a traditional pattern to be successful. In fact, if you go beyond it, it might prove even better. Hence, we have prepared a list of 10 creative ideas you can get an inspiration from.


6 Types of Unconscious Bias in Hiring and How to Combat Them

What is unconscious bias? Unconscious bias is the prejudice in favor of a certain thing, person, or group. According to Dushaw Hawkett, there are 3 characteristics that differentiate unconscious bias from other types of prejudices. Unconscious biases operate at the subconscious level. In other words, we are not aware of them and cannot access them


Toggl Hire’s Smart Test: A Revolution in Hiring

Hiring needs a revolution Recruiting with resumes is a time-consuming, expensive, and unfair process for both employers and candidates.  60% of applicants don’t finish their applications because they’re too complex or long, and that is despite their willingness to spend almost 2 hours on each job application. On the flip side, employers only spend 6


How to Hire App Developers: A Checklist

We spend 90% of our time on our smartphones in apps, and the number of mobile app downloads is projected to grow to a staggering 258 billion by 2022. It makes perfect sense then that app developers are some of the most sought-after specialists on the market. When 75% of businesses report a shortage of

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High Volume Hiring: Top 3 Challenges and How to Overcome Them

Hiring is tough. And when you have a job opening with hundreds and even thousands of applicants, it becomes even tougher. High volume hiring refers to a situation where you have to fill a large number of positions in a fairly short time period. This can put even the most experienced HR teams in trouble

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How to Hire Web Developers – the Ultimate Guide for 2021 and Beyond

Although it’s seemingly similar to finding a software developer, there are some distinct differences to consider when thinking about how to hire web developers. Let’s find out what makes for a great web developer, what tech skills they should have, where to find them, and how to hire them. What is a web developer? A


How to Hire Software Developers in 2021

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for software developers by 2028 will grow by 21% – compared with just an average of 5% for all other jobs. That’s 284,000 new software developer jobs in the United States alone. But, there aren’t going to be enough developers to fill all the positions,

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Introducing: Toggl Hire’s Public API

We know that it can feel overwhelming to use a large number of hiring tools at once, especially if they don’t play well together. Our public API will make it easier for you to use your Toggl Hire data with other apps in your arsenal. That way, you can make better hiring decisions, even faster.