Five Ways to Speed up Your Company’s Recruiting

This is a story how we at Toggl have sped up our hiring process and managed to still have only one full-time HR manager taking care of our 60+ team member company’s ongoing recruiting (spoiler alert: we don’t use robots, however, we do use a tool called Toggl Hire).


How I Took a Quiz on Facebook and Accidentally Got a Job

When I got a job at Toggl, it was an accident. Not a ‘I left my oven on and now my home is a charred shell of memories’ sort of accident. More of a ‘I spit out my watermelon seeds in the same area all summer and now I’ve got a watermelon patch’ sort of


3 Ways Pre-Employment Testing Saves Time and Money

This is a story about how our pre-employment testing software — Toggl Hire — helps us save time and money.


3 Reasons Skills-Based Hiring is the Future

From startups to tech giants, everyone needs great talent. Hence, acing the recruiting process is vital. We turned to skills-based hiring (using this hiring tool!) and have never looked back since. Here’s why.

Screening Candidates

How We Killed the CV as a Hiring Tool and Why We’re Never Going Back

This is a simple story of how we made hiring easy using Hundred5.   Recruitment solutions have not kept pace with the developments in the rest of the modern working culture, and the way companies approach talent search and hiring processes is too inefficient. We know, because we’ve been there.


Anatomy of a Toggl Job #1 – The Backend Developer

Toggl is looking for backend developers. Take our job test here to apply.  


‘Test-First’ Process For Hiring In A Startup

Last year I wrote about a new hiring practice that we were then just starting to experiment with. Now is a good time to reflect on how things have progressed since. In short, we like this concept more and more. We even gave it a name – the ’Test-First’ process, and have used it to hire 7 new