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Why Hiring is Broken and How To Fix It With Toggl Hire

This is a guest post from Toggl Hire’s co-founder – the tool that has helped us to find high-quality candidates for all our positions. At the start of 2018, the average cost to hire a new employee is about $4,000, which is an all-time high. It is more critical than ever to know you have


My Effortless Hiring Workflow for Great Programmers

Recently I wrote about how I used Toggl Hire to hire six great programmers with very little effort. In that post, I discussed my general hiring workflow, as well my general rules for creating an automated skill test with Toggl Hire. Today I will go further in depth and show you the reasoning behind some


All The Good Developers are Employed Already. They Never Scan Job Boards, Get It?

This is a story of how we stopped using job boards, and switched to Toggl Hire instead.   If you run a software company (or any kind of IT company, for that matter), you probably found yourself facing this problem at some point. It seems like it’s getting incredibly hard to find good developers these days. Surely,


Strategic Hiring: How To Build a Screening Test for a Conversion Rate Optimizer Position

This is a story of how we built a screening test for the applicants of the Conversion Rate Optimizer position with Hundred5.   There’s a lot to consider when hiring someone to work on improving your product. A good conversion rate optimizer is a lot of things. They’ll question the status quo and push your

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How We’re Hiring Without Reading a Single CV

This is a simple story of how we made hiring easy using Hundred5.   We killed the CV as a hiring tool in 2013 because after spending a ridiculous amount of time sifting through piles of résumés, we regularly ended up with a lot of hard to compare CVS and no way to make well-reasoned decisions. 

Screening Candidates

100 Soft Skills Assessment and Interview Questions

This guide explains what soft skills are, why they matter, how to understand if the candidate has the soft skills needed for the job, and ultimately, what are the top 100 top soft skills assessment questions that will help you identify and hire top talent. 


Why My First Real Job Application Was the Best

This is a story about how our new teammate – Rico – found us and how we ended up hiring him by using Hundred5.


How to Find the Best Customer Support Agents for Your Team

This is a story how we at Toggl are using automated skill-based testing to hire top customer support agents with little effort. Our Support Team Lead shares her thoughts on what skills an excellent customer success agent should have, and shares some useful tips on how to build workable tests with Toggl Hire.


Spend Less Time and Money on Hiring

Most companies underestimate the true cost of screening candidates for a job, and very few ever break down their cost per hire to assess the efficiency of the recruiting process.

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25 Best Pre-Employment Assessment Tools

Are you looking for the best pre-employment assessment tool for better hiring decisions? Use this list of the top 25 skills testing tools to find the one that best suits your company’s needs.

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Top 8 Diversity Recruiting Tools for 2020

Here’s a list of the best diversity recruiting software for 2020! The list includes diversity recruiting tools from a variety of different techniques like diversity sourcing, skills-based recruiting, blind resume software, and more! 

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How One Engineer Hired 6 Top Programmers With Minimum Effort

This is a story how we at Toggl are using automated skill-based testing to hire top developers with little effort. Our mobile technical lead writes about the key elements in his process and gives useful tips on how to build workable tests with Toggl Hire.