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Toggl Hire: Quarter 2, 2021

Julia Masselos Julia Masselos Last Updated:

Product updates

Since the start of 2021, we’ve added over 5,000 questions to our database! This means plenty of new skills for you to test, and an ever-expanding number of roles you can now hire for. We’ve focused especially on Accounting and Data Science in the last few months.

Some of our skills and templates are available on our Premium plan only – they are marked with a (P) below:

Skills added

Internal Control

Income Statement 

Budgeting Processes

Financial Data (P)

Accounting functions

Financial reports (P)

Evaluating and Managing Risks

Flutter (P)

Fundamentals of Data Science (P)

Machine Learning (P)

PyTorch (P)

General Database (P)

Kotlin (P)

Objective C (P)

PostgreSQL (P)

TensorFlow (P)

Product Management Frameworks

Photoshop (P)


Templates added

Data Science

Data Scientist (P)

Machine Learning Engineer (Javascript) (P)

Machine Learning Engineer (Python) (P)

Machine Learning Engineer (PyTorch) (P)

Machine Learning Engineer (TensorFlow) (P)


Cross Platform App Developer (Flutter) (P)

Kotlin Developer (P)

PostgreSQL Engineer (P)


Internal Auditor

Financial Analyst

Finance and Administration Manager (P)

Financial Controller

Finance Manager (P)

Financial Reporting Manager (P)

Accounting Clerk (P)

Accounting Manager (P)


Product Designer (P)

Graphic Designer (Photoshop) (P)

Other product initiatives

This quarter, we’ve been focusing on a lot of under-the-hood stuff – the stuff that makes our product work better, faster, and smoother for you. We’ll save you the technical jargon, and instead let you in on a little secret – something big is coming in the next few months and we can’t wait to see what you think of it. Watch this space for more updates coming soon!

Company Updates

Last month, we welcomed two new starters to the team! Bryan, based in Madrid, is our first dedicated Customer Experience Specialist! We are also joined by Markus, from Vienna, as a backend developer. See a map of the team here!

Wrapping Up

What would you love to see next? How can we make hiring simpler and effortless for you? Let us know at

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