The 4Ds of Time Management and How To Use Them

The 4 Ds of time management are a set of four different and complementary actions you can use to prioritize your tasks at work. This time management technique is especially useful when you’re feeling overwhelmed, since they map out exactly what you should do with each task to knock it off your to-do list. With the 4 Ds of time management, you can increase your efficiency and finish your projects faster.


23 Best Office Plants to Boost Workplace Productivity

Office plants matter, just like team building games and other staff morale strategies. According to a study from 2014, plants boost productivity and help companies retain employees.


12 Email Management Tips to Keep Your Inbox Organized

My email inbox is always neat and tidy. But I wasn’t always this organized–I had to learn how to manage my emails first. The following tips will help you to get your inbox under control.


7 Sales KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) You Should Measure in 2021

If you’re a business manager or entrepreneur, you likely already know how valuable sales KPIs can be. In this article, I’ll be highlighting seven sales KPIs in particular that are especially valuable.

Time Management

5 Online Timers To Track Work Time and Boost Productivity

Online timers provide motivation, accountability, documentation, balance—and vital management data. Whether you manage yourself, work with a team, or lead a group, you can get the most from your efforts by keeping track of your most precious resource—productive time.


My Attention Span Was Less Than 5 Minutes. This Is How Time Tracking Helped

Here’s a secret for you: I love email inbox folders. I know they’ve been proven multiple times to be useless. I know putting every email I receive into topic-based folders is a massive waste of time. I still do it.


Lessons on Relaxation From a 1934 Self-Help Book

Dr. Edmund Jacobson pioneered the technique of progressive relaxation decades before burnout was even a thing. But his 1934 book on relaxation might have just the advice we need to deal with the modern stressors that lead to burnout.


Digital Detox: What Is It, and Could It Help Prevent Burnout?

With smartphones enabling us to remain in touch 24/7, the pressure to respond can be overwhelming. That’s why an increasing number of people are opting to try a digital detox.


To Avoid Burnout, I Shifted My Workday 4 Hours Backwards. Here’s What Happened.

I decided to shift my schedule four hours forward, take my mornings off, and see if I could trick myself into feeling like I’m on vacation…without actually taking a vacation.


How Food Choices Can Affect Your Focus, Productivity, and Stress Levels

Have you ever felt listless and unmotivated after a big meal (like Thanksgiving), or tried to slog your way through a meeting right after lunch? Then you know, in a way, that what you eat can profoundly affect your productivity and focus.


Is the Lack of Pockets in Women’s Clothing Hurting Their Productivity?

Something women deal with on a daily basis that could impact our productivity is ubiquitous in women’s fashion: the lack of pockets.


Top 16 Time Management Apps Based on User Reviews

Even the best of us struggle with heavy workloads, endless emails, and meetings. But help is at hand. We have time management apps to aid productivity and focus.