11 Tips For Productive Office Meetings

Effective office meetings need structure, order, and flow. Communicate properly before, during, and after meetings to get the most of your time and energy.

Time Management

How to Manage Time Keeping With Inevitable Daily Multi-Tasking?

Different researches have proven that multi-tasking is bad for productivity and focusing on only one task at a time will give the best results. Still, I think most people regularly find themselves in situations that need multi-tasking: unexpected phone calls, e-mails with urgent matters, random thoughts about stuff you forgot to do etc. If you

Time Management

4 Funny Animated Time Management Moments

I think we’ve all been in one of these situations at least once. Yes, we are admitting it without guilt! Time management is tricky and here are some situations we all probably recognize. I should be working, but…

Time Management

10 Quotes That Will Lead You To Successful Time Organizing

How often do you find yourself saying, “In a minute” or “I’ll get to it tomorrow”? Do you feel that you never have enough time? This is a daily struggle for most of us, isn’t it! Maybe those 10 quotes will help you start organizing your time more effectively – at least they made me

Time Management

Nine Ideas to Make Your Employees Track Time

I’ve implemented time tracking in several companies and it was as difficult as talking Gabrielle Solis into a three month backpacking trip in Central Asia. First, in most companies there is a tragic history of time-tracking gone wrong. Usually it involves some complicated systems with names like Trackrmax or Megonomy — the soviet pocket calculators