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Please DON’T Wake Up At 4 AM – Addressing The Worst Productivity Tips

I paused at my front door and did a final once-over.  Fully charged phone in case I needed to make an emergency call? Check. Shoelaces tied so I don’t trip on them if I have to run? Check. Pepper spray? Check. No, I wasn’t about to seek shelter during the apocalypse. I was an aspiring


Monday Sucks! – Here Are 10 Productivity Tips to Make It Less Sucky

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5 Powerful Benefits of Doing a Weekly Review At Work

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20 Best Productivity Apps for 2020

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Why Are We So Obsessed With Morning Routines?

When did we become obsessed with the morning routines of famous entrepreneurs? And why has trickled down into every element of entrepreneur culture? Article after article makes it seem as if the only way to achieve success is to get up at 7a.m religiously or show up to work two hours before everyone else.

Time Management

12 Time Management Strategies of Highly Effective People

What is time management? Is it a manager telling you how to manage your time? Or is it simply keeping yourself as busy as possible to ensure you are always performing at peak productivity levels? The reality is there’s a careful balance to managing time wisely enough to get everything done as needed without putting