Intrinsic Motivation: The Secret Weapon You Need to Stand Out at Work

Finding proper ways to motivate people can be one of the most difficult responsibilities as a manager or team leader. For children, it is often an easy offering of candy or another treat that will arouse their desire to help with household chores or other small tasks. But unfortunately, most adults require a bit more


11 Bulletproof Ways To Improve Concentration

In our modern world, where distractions abound around every corner, concentration has become a bit of a lost art. This is unfortunate. To achieve great things, in business and in life, almost always requires a great deal of focus. So today we want to discuss how to improve concentration.


Use the Ladder of Inference to Make Better Decisions

The ladder of inference is helpful for making decisions that are based on fact, rather than your assumptions and interpretations.


How to Institute an Effective Change Management Process

Knowing how to effectively lead a change management process can make those dreaded transitions easier.


The 13 Best Productivity Books For 2019

Looking to get more done in less time? You’ve come to the right place! Below we list the 13 best productivity books available in 2019. Each of them is well-respected and would make a worthy addition to your collection. Let’s dive in!


Skyrocket Your Design Team’s Productivity With These 12 Tips

Will Ferrell once shared a comment on Twitter that gave everyone a new and comical excuse to use for procrastinating their work. His witty post said, “Procrastination? No, I just wait until the last minute to do my work because I will be older, therefore wiser.” While it would be nice if this were true,


What You Should Know About Management By Objectives

Management by objectives is a collaborative approach to goal-setting that can improve transparency and boost your team’s motivation.


What Is Continuous Improvement and How Can It Help Your Team?

There was a point in my career as a project manager when I was ready to give up. I had a reputation for being a “stand by your project” type girl. It didn’t matter how ambitious the deliverable or deadline was: I found a way to make it work, even if I stayed later than


How to Improve Focus When You Work From Home

Working from home is one of the most popular desires among corporate and small business workers. Some of the most recent numbers show that nearly 5 million people in the United States now work from home at least part-time. And that number is growing dramatically each year. Have you been dreaming about the prospect of


How I Failed the 9/80 Work Schedule Experiment

When our marketing lead Emily asked me to try out the 9/80 work schedule experiment, I jumped on board without hesitation. (Or maybe I just mumbled a less enthusiastic and a lot more Estonian, “Yeah, ok I can do it.”) I get a Friday off? Enough said! To be quite honest, I already started making


To Avoid Distractions, Stop Using Time Management

Time management isn’t a solution to productivity woes, but rather the cause. Before you stop your time trackers, let me explain.


How to Get Back on Track When You Get Distracted at Work

I’ll never forget my first office job. I worked for an online bed and breakfast directory that thousands of people used to book B&B stays in Canada. I invoiced customers, created and updated their listings, and answered the occasional phone call. Although the computers were all internet-enabled, there was no Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram yet,