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Toggl Track Desktop Windows Update

f you’ve opened our Toggl Windows app recently, you might have noticed a few differences. The big design overhaul is finally here and we wanted to share a quick overview of key changes.

Remote Work

How to Successfully Work From Home

Working from home may once have been perceived as a welcome reprieve. But some people are finding that the work-from-home reality is a far cry from the fantasy.

Modern Work

“Projects” Are the New Career Ladder. Here’s How You Can Benefit

The career ladder today is no longer predictable or predetermined. But for those who know which projects to take on, this can be an opportunity.

Remote Work

How to Stay Focused When You Work From Home

Have you heard about the studies that state working from home offers a major productivity boost? You have a confession to make: This has not been your experience so far.

Remote Work

9 Things You Should Include in Your Work From Home Policy

Your entire team has had to rapidly adjust to working from home, and it’s thrown a wrench in things. But here’s the good news: Drafting a work from home policy can help get everybody on the same page.

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There’s No Place Like Home Work: Tips for Designing a Home Office

A well-designed home office can make all the difference between getting that one thing done and napping for 3 hours.


Is Remote Work Really as Green as It Claims to Be?

As frequent travel and location-independence become more common, can telecommuting still claim a positive green environmental impact?

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Are Remote Workers the Future of Green Business?

Looking to run a green business? Offering work from home opportunities to employees could be one of the best things you do for the environment.

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How Trying New Hobbies Made Me More Productive at Work

Not everything needs to be a side hustle, and not every hobby needs to make us more marketable. Set out to try something new with no expectations attached.

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10 Signs It’s Time for a Career Shift in 2020

If you’ve recently been toying with the idea of a career shift, here are ten telltale signs that there’s no time like the present. 

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It Doesn’t Matter if You Keep New Year’s Resolutions. It’s More Important to Make Them.

Making New Year’s resolutions is a way to articulate values. Publicly sharing them could actually be more helpful than accomplishing them.

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If You Are Your Job Title, Who Are You When You Don’t Have One?

The growth of the gig economy and precarious work has challenged traditional employment. Now it’s starting to challenge our identities.