Plan creative projects without the planning pains

Take the stress out of project planning and people management. Toggl Plan helps teams work smarter together.

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Toggl Plan helps you...

Overcome the

An intuitive, visual
interface helps you
quickly get in control of
your creative projects -
without it becoming a
full-time job.

View everyone's

Keep the team at full
throttle by seeing who’s
working on what at a
glance. Quickly assign
or update tasks on the fly.

Harmonize the

One hub for all your
tasks. Everyone knows what needs doing and when - with the information they need at their fingertips.

Map out the work that needs doing

Assign tasks and make back-and-forths a breeze. Add comments, set start/finish dates, and create satisfyingly tickable to-do lists to keep everyone on track.

Get a visual, birds- eye overview

All your tasks, beautifully laid out in a chronological timeline. You’ll immediately see who’s doing what, their progress, and when it’s due - color-coded for maximum clarity.

“Toggl Plan is a tool that can grow with you.”

Jim Walton, Designer at Ascend Studio

Toggl Plan helped Ascend Studio to ditch the whiteboard and seamlessly manage multiple teams and creative projects. We can help you do the same.

Drag-and-drop to change plans in seconds

Reassigning some work? Pushing a
deadline forward? Client asking for
revisions? Just drag-and-drop your
tasks to change your timeline in real

Keep everyone in the loop

Who needs to see the big picture?
Whether it's your clients or your
colleagues, share your timeline URL link
to keep the right people involved.

“It is great. It’s colorful. It’s easy to use.”

Ada Enechi, BuzzFeed