Deliver client projects without overwhelm

Streamline planning, tracking, and delivery of client projects. Visualize your team's work in one place. Deliver quality solutions without burning out.

Why work with Toggl Plan?

Get a clear overview

Provide structure to your team and stay on top of their assignments with simple work management.

Simplify resourcing

Visualize availability and workloads. Assign the right consultants to projects without overwhelm.

Keep clients happy

Consistently deliver high-quality, profitable customer solutions on time with simple project planning.

"The  lack of a clear overview of project status made it hard to efficiently sell and plan services. The shared awareness is why the team at Velvet has been using Toggl Plan for more than 3 years, after trying a myriad of team planning methods."

Pärtel Vurma, Managing Partner at Velvet
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Plan and track projects with drag and drop timelines

Need full visibility on your current and future projects? With Toggl Plan, you get a bird’s-eye view of who does what and when. Plan ahead to deliver on time without the last minute rush.

Assign the right people to the client projects

Need to balance your team's workloads? With Toggl Plan, you visualize everyone's bandwidth, distribute work and make sure that the right people are assigned to client projects.

Stay on top of tasks to avoid last-minute rush

Is it a chore to keep your team's tasks up to date? Toggl Plan is a fast, fun, and flexible way to stay productive and streamline collaboration by keeping all task-related information in one place.

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