Project planning software for teams

Toggl Plan is a simple, visual project planning tool that helps teams prioritize, schedule, and get projects done with drag-and-drop timelines.

"Excel was clunky and complicated and didn’t update in real-time. Every change to a project schedule, had to be re-saved and sent as a new copy to the team. Toggl Plan’s shared timelines mean no one is overwhelmed, even when juggling several projects at once."

Ada Enechi, Senior Producer at BuzzFeed
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Project planning features you’ll actually use

Plan project schedules, fast

Add, schedule, and assign project tasks and milestones with simple drag and drop. Say no to dull and boring Excel spreadsheets.

Avoid scheduling conflicts

See your team's availability and capacity across multiple projects, time off, and public holidays. Adjust work and workloads with simple drag and drop.

Visually track milestones

Plan color-coded milestones to track deadlines. Make critical dates visible across projects so everyone knows when things are due.

Stay on top of your plans

Track project progress right on the timeline. Get in-app notifications and email updates when something changes.

Plan ahead for the long-term

See your team's schedule over the next quarter or year. Know if you can take up more projects or need to hire more people.

Mobile project planning apps

Need to plan and track your team's projects on the go? Toggl Plan comes with Android and iOS apps for your mobile devices.

Visual project planning software solutions for

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Creative agencies

Plan, prioritize, and deliver projects on time without feeling overwhelmed.

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Build a solid reputation. Deliver client work on time with simple planning.

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Implementation teams

Get a clear picture of who’s doing what, when, and who needs help.

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