Flexible task management software for teams

Looking for a task manager that helps you plan, delegate, and track your team's tasks? Try Toggl Plan—a simple task planning and management tool that adapts to your team's way of work.

“The project management tools we tried weren’t flexible (and) we felt like hiring a person just to take care of the tool. With Toggl Plan, you don't have to jump in and be fully committed; it's a tool which can grow with you.”

Jim Walton, Managing Director of Ascend Studio
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Task management features to get stuff done

Simple task planning

Create unlimited Project timelines. Schedule, assign, and track tasks on the timeline with a few clicks or simple drag and drop.

Avoid task scheduling conflicts

Visualize your team's work schedule in one place. Schedule tasks without conflicting with other projects, time off, and public holidays.

Track task progress visually

Create custom task workflows for each timeline and board. Visually track tasks from start to finish as they get done.

Efficient task collaboration

Streamline communication across your team, clients, and vendors. Keep all task-related information in one place with file attachments, checklists, and feedback.

Never miss a task deadline

Get a clear overview of who's doing what and when. Create color-coded milestones and optionally make them visible across projects so your team always meets the deadlines.

Get tasks done on the go

Use Toggl Plan's iOS and Android apps to plan and manage tasks wherever you're.

Simple task management software for

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Creative agencies

Work together to deliver projects on time without the last-minute rush.

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Plan and deliver client work on time while keeping everyone in the loop.

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Implementation teams

Get a clear picture of who’s doing what, when, and who needs help.

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