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Plan, schedule, and track your team's schedule in one place with Toggl Plan—a simple, online resource planning, scheduling, and management app.

“At Atomic Smash, design and development team members often work across projects. Managing workloads with spreadsheets was a nightmare. Toggl Plan makes it easy to see everyone's schedule in one place.”

Piers Tincknell, Cofounder of Atomic Smash
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Deliver on time without stress

Do project delivery dates feel stressful? Find available team members to work on projects. Adjust your team’s workloads and avoid burnout by sharing your team's workload evenly.

Maximize utilization

Visually scan your team’s availability and capacity. Maximize billable hours, even across projects with color-coded plans. Toggl Plan is the easiest way to manage team capacity.

Visualize your team’s schedule

Tired of juggling spreadsheets to work out your team’s capacity? Toggl Plan’s timelines make it easy to see everyone’s availability, schedule, and workloads in one place.

Avoid scheduling conflicts

Team members work across multiple projects. Avoid scheduling conflicts with other projects, time off, and public holidays.

Drag-and-drop scheduling

Create team schedules, fast. Drag, drop, expand, or contract tasks to schedule and reschedule with ease. Find the right resources and assign them tasks while avoiding scheduling conflicts.  

Resource planning and scheduling on the go

Toggl Plan iOS and Android apps come with resource planning and scheduling features. Manage your team resources even when you're not in office.

Simple resource planning solutions for

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Creative agencies

Get work done and deliver projects on time without an overworked team.

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Maximize billable hours and deliver successful outcomes without burnout.

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Implementation teams

Track team availability and maximize utilization without over-allocation.

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