Free project planning templates

Grab these free and exclusive project planning templates for agencies, consultancies, and B2B services teams. No email sign up required.

Project templates

Project proposal template

Grab this free, customizable project proposal template for web design, marketing, and creative projects.

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Client communication templates

Ready-to-use, customizable email templates to communicate project status and get approvals from clients.

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Team communication templates

Free, customizable email and messaging templates for internal team communication.

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Resource planning templates

Availability tracker

Track your team’s availability with this free, customizable, Google Sheets resource availability tracker template.

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Capacity planner

See who’s overworked and who’s available with this simple, free, customizable, resource capacity planner template.

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Allocation tracker

See who’s working on which projects with this free, customizable Google Sheets resource allocation tracker.

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Project resource planner

Prioritize tasks and see who is working on which task and when with this customizable project resource planner.

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Timesheet tracker

Track project efforts put in by your team, invoice clients for the billable hours with this free timesheet tracker.

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Other templates

Business metrics tracker

Track your agency, consultancy, or B2B service business metrics with this free business metrics tracker.

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Cold email templates

Reach out to prospects, book sales meetings with these free, customizable cold email templates.

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Too many templates to manage?

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