Implement customer projects without hassle

Plan ahead. Visualize your customer projects with Toggl Plan and complete implementation work on time without overworking your team.

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Toggl Plan helps you...

Plan ahead

Work shouldn’t take over your life. Get your customer projects in a visual timeline and prevent your team from overworking itself.

Understand what's possible

Know your team's workload. Only take on new customer projects if your team can deliver quality work on time.

Be profitable

Implementation often takes (too much) time. Provide more structure to your team and lead profitable implementation projects.

Picture what it takes

Each customer and each implementation is unique. Provide complete visibility from ideation to completion and lay the groundwork for documentation. Your support team will thank you.

Get a visual overview

Place all your tasks in a beautiful color-coded timeline. See who’s doing what, identify potential bottlenecks, and view when projects are due in the blink of an eye.

"Toggl Plan is a tool that can grow with you"

Jim Walton, Designer at Ascend Studio

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Change plans in seconds

Sometimes, things don't go according to plan. Have you tried dragging and dropping items on Spreadsheets? Make project planning a bliss with a tool your teams will actually use.

Keep everyone in the loop

Centralize all customer work in one location. Work with your colleagues and deliver your implementation projects on time.

More than resourcing

Project planning

Toggl Plan helps you plan and deliver quality customer projects (no PhD in project management needed).

Task management

Post-its and whiteboards are great but not teamwork-friendly. Manage your team's tasks directly in Toggl Plan.

Profitable projects

Toggl Plan helps small teams achieve quality work on time. Operate at capacity and deliver profitable implementation projects.

Try a tool your implementation team will actually use

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