Gantt chart app for Android

Toggl Plan is a powerful cloud-based tool for project management, planning, and team collaboration. We've developed an Android application to make project planning on the go as easy as a walk in the park.

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If you need a free Gantt chart app for Android, look no further than Toggl Plan. Freelancers, consultants, and individuals can sign up and use Toggl Plan for free. Teams can get started with our free 14-day trial. And besides free apps for your iOS and Android devices, we also have a free Chrome extension that will allow you to get set up faster than ever.

Get started in under two minutes

Being able to work on the road has always been a priority for us and that's why we've built two awesome apps for both the iPhone and Android devices. We also understand the value of time, that's why with Toggl Plan you can get set up and have your first task shared with the world in under two minutes.

Beautiful Gantt charts that just work

When you need to rearrange things to meet the deadline you'll want the flexibility that Toggl Plan has to offer. With a couple of clicks, you can rearrange priorities, make new milestones, add, edit and remove tasks all with simple and familiar mechanics like drag and drop or bulk editing shortcuts.

Toggl Plan is easy to use!

Assigning tasks through Toggl Plan is easy. All you do is click on a section of the timeline, drag and then drop to your desired length, add the details, and you have yourself a first task, ready to be shared with the rest of the team.

“Seriously, you guys have saved me. I need to manage many time-sensitive tasks for myself and other artists. A deadline change? Boom, drag and drop, no morning headache!”

Inés Robin, game artist at Product Madness

"Before Toggl Plan, things were a lot more chaotic. I think it added a lot of structure to the business that we didn’t have before. When it was introduced to the company, it changed things around."

Chanel Kennedy, Program Manager at Boiler Room

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