Timeline Planning, For Visual People

Toggl Plan is a drag & drop timeline maker. It offers you a visual overview of who’s doing what and when. Collaborate as a team in one place, see what's on your team's timeline and never miss a deadline.

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A visual planner that you’ll actually use

Beautiful to look at and easy to use, Toggl Plan is built with simplicity in mind. Updating plans & keeping everyone in the loop should feel effortless, not inconvenient. Just click, drag, drop, and get on with your day.

Crafted for creative minds

Toggl Plan is loved and used by thousands of creative professionals from companies like Spotify, BuzzFeed, Microsoft, National Geographic and more. Get only the features you need, without any of the fluff that gets in the way.

Create tasks, add details, and add comments

Whether it’s a new project brief, an asset design request, or anything else, Toggl Plan can help you manage your workflow. Create a task, assign it to yourself or a colleague, add the details, a due date, attachments and more. Use comments to tag a colleague, provide updates, or simply add your $0.02 to a discussion.

Use kanban boards to track task status

How’s that task progressing? Keep everyone in the loop and don’t let anything slip through the cracks. Make custom statuses such as ‘to-do’ ‘doing’ and ‘done’ to reflect how each task is progressing. Use an emoji to get a visual understanding at-a-glance when you switch to timeline view.

Share your plans with whoever needs to know

Generate a shareable link for any Team or Plan timeline, so you can keep anyone in the loop, even if they’re not part of your Toggl Plan workspace. If you’re working with a client, a contractor, an external consultant, or any other stakeholder, they’ll know what’s happening & when.

“Seriously, you guys have saved me. I need to manage many time-sensitive tasks for myself and other artists. A deadline change? Boom, drag and drop, no morning headache!”

Inés Robin, game artist at Product Madness

"Before Toggl Plan, things were a lot more chaotic. I think it added a lot of structure to the business that we didn’t have before. When it was introduced to the company, it changed things around."

Chanel Kennedy, Program Manager at Boiler Room

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