Business Resources and Useful Links

A list of business management resources to help you skyrocket your profitability

Illustration of team working in office

9/80 Work Schedule

A work schedule to boost your employee productivity and engagement.

Illustration of a character signing a document

Balance Sheet Template

Download our free balance sheet template!

Illustration of man on laptop using various tools

Best Agile Development Tools

Read about using cloud-based tools in Agile development.

Illustration of man overseeing construction of a web page

Best Software Development Management Tools

Find the best software development tools for your team.

Illustration of businessman and numbers

Business Etiquette Rules

Learn about the 101s of business etiquette.

Illustration of businessman looking at a bad storm

Business Impact Analysis

Why should you know about and utilize Business Impact Analysis for your business?

Illustration of a woman working on the laptop, surrounded by creative elements

Creative Brief Template PDF

Download our free, editable creative brief template in PDF format!

Illustration of man working on spreadsheets

Difference Between CSV and XLS

What are the main differences between csv and xls?

Illustration of people leaving an office

Employee Retention Strategies for Millennials

11 employee retention strategies for better employee performance.

Illustration of a character under a spotlight

Find the Best Management Consultants

Find the best management consultant for your needs with our simple guide.

Illustration of characters standing on a line graph

FTE Calculator and Employee Cost

What is Full-Time Equivalent and how to calculate employee cost?

Illustration of a hand signing documents

Free Timesheet Templates

Use our free daily, weekly, biweekly, and monthly timesheet templates.

Illustration of businessmen standing on graphs

How to Value a Business?

Discover the most popular evaluation techniques for business valuation.

Illustration of people rowing a boat

IRS Mileage Rates

All you need to know about IRS mileage rates!

Illustration of character multitasking with six arms

Little's Law

How corporate leaders use Little's Law to manage workflows and increase efficiency.

Illustration of characters standing on a line graph

Marginal Revenue

A Guide To Calculating Marginal Revenue (with formulas).

Illustration of characters discussing with megaphones

Marketing Mix: The 4Ps of Marketing

What is the marketing mix and the 4ps of marketing model?

Illustration of woman doing a presentation to an audience

Monroe's Motivated Sequence

A 5-step persuasive speech outline.

Illustration of woman presenting a declining graph

Net Income Formula

How to calculate net income?

Illustration of two characters talking about money

Overtime Calculator

Calculate overtime for employees and businesses.

Illustration of a group of characters working on their laptops

Part Time Employee Definition - US

What does a part-time employee mean according to US law?

Illustration of characters watering a tree

Porter's Five Forces

How to use Porter’s Five Forces to assess the strength of your competition and the profitability of your market?

Illustration of man working on a laptop with online tools

Press Release Template

How to write a press release - with our free template.

Illustration of a hand signing a document

Project Charter Template

Download our free project charter template.

Illustration of businessman looking at a bad storm

Pros and Cons of Raising Minimum Wage

What are the pros and cons of raising the minimum wage?

Illustration of characters climbing ladders

Stages of Team Development

Learn about the stages of team development and advance your team in their progress.

Illustration of team bonding

Team Building Games

Team building games that you will actually enjoy.

Illustration of characters discussing in a meeting

Work Breakdown Structure

How to come up with a work breakdown structure with the help of our free template.

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