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Annika can very well relate to the ups and downs of small business. She’s keen on SEO, user acquisition, and growth hacking. You can follow her Twitter @AnnikaHelendi


Top 5 Free Project Management Tools and the Problems They Solve for You

Project management is the art of getting sh*t done.

Remote Work

5 Steps To Building a Highly Effective Remote Company


Best Free Tools For Scheduling Company Holidays, Trips & Events


How To Measure Personal Productivity?

Regardless of the long work days, does it sometimes feel that you should get more done? Maybe unknowingly you’re not as productive as you think you are? The only way to find out is to measure your personal productivity and we suggest you use Toggl time tracker for this. Here’s how you improve your time management:

Time Management

How to Manage Time Keeping With Inevitable Daily Multi-Tasking?

Different researches have proven that multi-tasking is bad for productivity and focusing on only one task at a time will give the best results. Still, I think most people regularly find themselves in situations that need multi-tasking: unexpected phone calls, e-mails with urgent matters, random thoughts about stuff you forgot to do etc. If you also need to keep track of your time while juggling between different tasks, it could get a bit tricky. I’ve found a solution that works best for my workflow and keeps pretty accurate track of all the time I spend on different tasks. Maybe you also find it useful?

Time Management

4 Funny Animated Time Management Moments

I think we’ve all been in one of these situations at least once. Yes, we are admitting it without guilt! Time management is tricky and here are some situations we all probably recognize.
I should be working, but…