Indrek Vändrik

He's Mister Code, James Code. He likes to lift heavy weights and dig into hard problems. He doesn't drink coffee and he has three screens on his desk which is too little if you believe him. Also he likes to code them Indie games and mobile apps (

Working at Toggl

Desktop Team’s Go Loco Week Sparks New, Creative Solutions for Toggl

Go Loco Week is a great opportunity for our developers to learn and work with new technologies, design new features, and just get creative!


Information About Desktop App Syncing Issues on October 1st

How can I fix this now?
On Windows and Mac – Get the latest version as soon as possible (7.4.1023) download Windows 32bit…


Our Biggest Mac Release Ever: The New Toggl Track Desktop App Is Here

The new design for the Mac Desktop introduces a clean UI and more intuitive flow, with the support of Dark mode.


How to Make 12 Apps in 12 Months

In the beginning of 2017, my wife and I decided that we would share the maternity leave and I would stay home for a year. I would take a break from my work on Toggl apps and become a full-time stay at home dad.


Toggl Track Desktop 7.3 Gets Autotracker, Default Projects on the Way

It’s no secret that when keeping pedal to the metal all the time it is usual to have some hiccups along the way. We’ve kept our speed up with the improvements and developments of Toggl Desktop and I am proud to announce another new release – Toggl Desktop 7.3 is here!


6 Daily Battles In The Life Of a Programmer

The life of a programmer is hard. I’m not saying other jobs are easy. However, making a living as a developer demands solid effort and consistent focus. Us developers work alongside marketers, designers, managers, content creators, and many others. But, our quirky (and rewarding) lifestyle is often misunderstood.

Modern Work

Developing Multiplatform Mobile Apps From a Single Code Base

About a little more than a month ago I wrote about my experience with writing my Masters thesis from start to finish in small concentrated time frame of 150 hours. In this post I will be giving out more information about the guts of my thesis. I’ll give brief overview of what I did and what treasures and skeletons I met on the way. The title of my Master’s thesis was “Techniques of developing smart phone applications from a single code base”, I thought it was a bit lengthy, but seeing the other students titles with many more words and even multiple rows. I was quite pleased with my compact title.