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Project Planning Software For Everyone

Whichever stage you’re at in your entrepreneurial journey, we can help. Kick growth pains to the curb with beautifully simple visual planning tools. Free for teams of up to 5 users.

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Perfect For Start Ups & Scaling

Toggl Plan equips you perfectly to plan your own work, and help with your journey to hire & manage teams. Super easy drag & drop interfaces means no time wasted on learning complex software. Use a beautiful colour-coded timeline to keep track of big picture projects & what everyone is working on, and the kanban board for day-to-day task management.

Share Your Calendar With Your Team And Clients

Toggl Plan is not your average online calendar planner. Adding your employees or colleagues to Toggl Plan will allow you to always know what's in the pipeline, set deadlines, and add notes. You can also keep your clients in the loop by sharing a view-only version of your calendar.

Online Calendar Planner On The Go

If you are on the go, and you want to add a task or an appointment to your timeline, you can easily do it on Toggl Plan's mobile app or on your mobile browser. Toggl Plan is perfectly optimized for mobile users, so you won't miss a thing!

Free Online Planner For NGOs And Small Teams

Toggl Plan is free for NGOs and teams up to 5 people. Try our premium calendar and planning features for free for 14 days.

“Seriously, you guys have saved me. I need to manage many time-sensitive tasks for myself and other artists. A deadline change? Boom, drag and drop, no morning headache!”

Inés Robin, game artist at Product Madness

"Before Toggl Plan, things were a lot more chaotic. I think it added a lot of structure to the business that we didn’t have before. When it was introduced to the company, it changed things around."

Chanel Kennedy, Program Manager at Boiler Room

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