Expectations VS Reality of Being A Freelancer [Comic]

Emma Murray 24th May, 2018 No comments

When you start any new job, you bring to it your own set of expectations. The same goes for freelancing. If you decide to become a freelancer, what you picture may be just slightly different than the reality…

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11 Productivity Tracker Apps You Should Start Using Now

Kat Boogaard 23rd May, 2018 No comments

You want to get as much done as possible during your day (duh, right?), and productivity tracker apps can be just what you need to kick your motivation and focus into high gear.

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Making Sense of the GDPR for Your Business

Jacob Thomas 22nd May, 2018 No comments

The GDPR. You’ve probably heard rumors and seen headlines about it over the last few months. Do you really need to pay attention or is just some legal mumbo jumbo cooked up by bored politicians?

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How to Hire World-Class Marketers Using Skills-based Testing

Mile Zivkovic 18th May, 2018 No comments

Finding a good job is not an easy task. Finding good employees is even harder. Here’s our process for hiring world-class marketers, using Hundred5 skills-based testing. (more…)

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5 Quick ‘n Easy Steps to Fighting Commoditization

Theodora S. Abigail 16th May, 2018 No comments

As a savvy, experienced business owner, you may heard of commoditization–but you may not be 100% sure about how it can harm your business, or how to stop it from affecting you.

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How to Identify Your Company Core Values (and Leverage Them to Your Advantage)

Kat Boogaard 11th May, 2018 No comments

In today’s competitive employer landscape, your company core values carry more weight than ever.

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