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Top 6 Online Productivity Tools

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Top 6 Online Productivity Tools

Must-have productivity apps

If you're someone who wants to make your business better, take time to look at what you can do to improve time management and make your business grow faster, all the while keeping your expenses under control. We’ve put together this short list of must-have productivity apps for the new year.

Most of these popular web tools are free, but we have also added pricing info on their advanced features.

Productivity work tools

Never miss a task with Todoist

Todoist logo

Keeping an eye on your big goals is easy, but remembering all the tiny errands that come and go can get tricky. Todoist is an excellent task management app for managing your to-do lists, sporting a sleek look and keeping you on top of your daily tasks!

Pricing: Free basic version, 29$ per year for Premium.

Organize your projects with Trello

Trello logo

Trello is an amazing and simple project management and collaboration tool that uses cards to organize your ideas. Its biggest virtue is the visually appealing and simple user interface which feels intuitive, making it easy to track your project progress using Kanban methodology.

Pricing: Basic version is free, Business version costs 8.33$ per user/month

Save your notes with Evernote

Evernote logo

Have you ever had a good idea only to forget it by the time you get to the office? Evernote is the best multi-platform notepad out there, letting you record and organize your notes in text, images or audio on the go.

Pricing: Basic version is free, Plus costs 19.99 per year

Log your work hours with Toggl Track

Toggl Track logo

Excel timesheets don’t give real insights on how productive you really are. Toggl Track has changed the time management field by providing a really simple time recording tool for solo users and teams. Toggl Track also has powerful reports, giving you an accurate breakdown of how you’re spending your time.

Pricing: Free for basic, Starter costs 9$ per user/month

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Keep people talking with Slack

Slack logo

Good communication is the cornerstone of great teamwork. Slack is an outstanding app for keeping your discussions and chatter organized by sorting them into different channels. What’s more, it lets you integrate update feeds from your other apps.

Pricing: Free for small teams, Advanced plans start from 6.67$ per user/month

Send your invoices with Freshbooks

Freshbooks logo

Freshbooks is the perfect accounting tool for non-accountants. Creating invoices can be a huge hassle if you lack experience in bookkeeping - luckily, Freshbooks has stripped invoicing down to its core components, in a simple UI that’s guaranteed to save you hours upon hours on accounting work.

Pricing: Free 30-day trial, paid plans start at 9.95$ per month

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