Liisa Toompuu

Liisa spent twelve years as an exchange student. No one in the office is quite sure how that’s possible. If she explains it to you, please let us know. You can follow her on Twitter @liisatoompuu


Introducing Toggl Business

Update: As of February 2017, the Business plan is known as Toggl Enterprise. Have a look here to compare all our existing subscriptions!
Today I am thrilled to introduce to you Toggl Business – a new time management package where effortless employee time tracking meets faster, easier control for managers.

Modern Work

Five Lessons I’ve Learned Doing User Onboarding

The aim of user onboarding is simple – keep your new users coming back to your service. The art itself – not so simple. Here are five crucial lessons I’ve learned about the job while doing onboarding for the Toggl time tracking service.


Track Time On Your Phone

Did you know that Toggl’s online timer is also available on your phone and offline? So next time you dash to a client’s office for a meeting and don’t bring your laptop or have internet connection – no worries! Just get Toggl out on your phone.

Time Management

Survey: Time Management Habits And Work Attitudes

In June, we ran a survey about the time management habits of Toggl online timer users. Over 500 people completed the survey and we’ve already talked about the top 3 mistakes they identified people make when trying to manage their time, and how long they they can keep their focus on one task at hand. Now, let’s go a little deeper into the general attitudes.


Basecamp Import Available For All!

This is for all of you togglers who like using Basecamp for your project management: you can now import everything over for quick time tracking access!

Modern Work

How much do we slow down during holidays? A Toggl analysis.

You always hear about those studies that have found that American workers log the most working hours per capita in the world. Or that Germany is the most hard-working nation in Europe.


New on Toggl: Timeline

We have launched the first version of Toggl Timeline, it:

Helps you track time more accurately by logging your activities;
Represents your daily computer usage in 15min chunks


New Toggl Desktop for Mac

UPDATE: This is an outdated blog post. The latest Toggl Desktop download links can be found here – htt…