How to Hire Software Developers in 2020

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for software developers by 2028 will grow by 21% – compared with just an average of 5% for all other jobs. That’s 284,000 new software developer jobs in the United States alone. But, there aren’t going to be enough developers to fill all the positions,

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Introducing: Toggl Hire’s Public API

We know that it can feel overwhelming to use a large number of hiring tools at once, especially if they don’t play well together. Our public API will make it easier for you to use your Toggl Hire data with other apps in your arsenal. That way, you can make better hiring decisions, even faster.

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How to Hire a Freelancer in 6 Steps

There are plenty of guides online on how to become a freelancer, but not as many on how to hire a freelancer. The internet is a vast place and finding the right person to do a job for you can be quite challenging. Here are some of my top tips on how to hire a

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7 Tips for Choosing the Right Talent Management System

If you’re in the market for a talent management system but you don’t know where to start, there is a set of common features that it needs to have, whether you’re running a small startup or a Fortune 500 company.  Here are 7 things to consider when choosing the best talent management system for your


A Guide to Recruiting on Facebook

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use Facebook posts and paid ads to source more candidates and what common mistakes to avoid.

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The Ultimate Guide to Hiring Remote Employees

Thinking of hiring remote employees? This guide will cover all of the key areas regarding remote recruiting, such as why choose a remote work setting, what characteristics and skills should a remote employee have, how to find and hire remote candidates, and a list of useful tools for a remote team.

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How to Build a Great Team Remotely

Building a great team of remote workers is incredibly hard in traditional work settings. When building a remote team, it takes a special kind of approach to do it right.

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Hiring Remote Workers? Don’t Use Resumes.

Want to know how to hire without resumes? Switch your focus to performance-based hiring rather than resumes saves time, money and increases the likelihood of finding a good candidate.

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5 Steps to an Effective Remote Employee Selection Process

With more companies and employees going remote, there’s a new challenge for modern businesses – hiring remote workers. Here’s a simple 5-step process to establish a great employee selection process.


Remote Team Culture: Hiring For Cultural Fit

Hiring the right person to your team has always been difficult, time-consuming, and also expensive.

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Introducing: Toggl Hire’s Chrome Extension

We’ve only gone and done it – we’ve launched our new Toggl Hire Chrome Extension!  If you’re hiring for a new role, chances are that at some stage, you will visit the candidates’ Linkedin or GitHub profiles, to get a bit more context on experience they might have shared in their resume. However, the truth

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DIY Hiring – The Top 4 Benefits of Full Cycle Recruiting

Let’s find out what it is and why you can benefit from it, no matter your industry or the role you’re hiring for. What is full cycle recruiting? The term is actually pretty self-explanatory. Full cycle recruiting refers to the entire recruiting process. From the moment you write the job ad until the moment someone