A Data-Driven Recruiting Funnel: The Sure-Fire Way to Stop Hiring on Gut Instinct

Recruitment is a tricky business. No matter what stage of the recruiting funnel you are at, it can be hard to know what to do or where to go next. Data-driven hiring is on the rise, with the world’s top hirers turning to science to improve the quality of their recruiting outcomes. If you’re new


How to Turn Recruitment Marketing Into a Competitive Advantage

If you’ve not heard of Recruitment Marketing, are you even in recruitment? As the race for top talent gets increasingly competitive, those getting their name out there into the world are seeing the most success. Don’t believe us? Here are some stats to back it up: 81% of job seekers want more job opportunities listed


Competency Skills Assessments Explained: Advantages, Challenges & Use Cases

Organizations everywhere have a problem. There’s a major gap between the skills businesses have and the skills they need, and that gap is predicted to drive an $8.5 trillion loss each year by 2030. To avoid this, some of the best companies turn to competency skills assessments when hiring their newest staff members. New to

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Toggl Hire: Q2, 2022

Welcome to another quarterly update! Before filling you in on what we’ve been doing to strengthen your hiring game, we have to say that this quarter felt a bit like summer; it lasted for 3 days! While we always keep the focus on you, our customers, this time, we worked on features and additions that


The 5 Ways AI Recruitment Automation Is Changing Recruitment

Are you one of the 67% of recruiters using AI recruitment automation to save valuable time every day? πŸ’» If you’re not, we think you should be. That’s because artificial intelligence, machine learning, and automation technologies are helping recruiters win the race for top talent by taking their talent pipeline to the next level. πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€


The business of running a distributed business: Viktor Jarnheimer of Proxify

Today, running a remote or distributed company is a concept that virtually every person and their pet is familiar with. But rewind a couple of years, and working remote was an exception. What’s changed? In this interview, we chat with Viktor Jarnheimer, CEO at Proxify, to learn more about the company’s path to success and


Vervoe vs. Coderbyte vs. Toggl Hire: Choosing a Skills Assessment Tool

Data shows that candidates hired using skills assessments are 24% more likely to exceed performance goals while increasing hiring manager satisfaction by 36%. Like the sound of that? If so, you’re in luck, as today we’re comparing three of the best skills testing platforms in the battle of Vervoe vs. Coderbyte vs. Toggl Hire.  First,


40 Surprising Remote Work Statistics (2022)

In 2022, remote working is the norm for a lot of businesses. Whether it’s full-time remote workers or remote employees who split their time between office space and home in a flexible work setting, getting things done via remote work while creating a better work-life balance benefits everyone. But, what’s the data really saying on


HR Memes – 21 Hand-Picked Memes

Starting with the COVID outbreak in 2020, the last couple of years weren’t easy on anyone. And just when we hoped for things to go β€œback to normal”, there is the recession, layoffs, and rising living costs all over the news. To get some distraction and have a laugh, we collected our favorite memes about


TestGorilla vs Vervoe vs Toggl Hire: Choosing a Skills Assessment Platform

If you want to take your recruitment process to the next level, a skills assessment platform is the best way to do it. The good news is there are loads of great options out there, and in this article, we’re putting 3 of the best up against each other in the battle of TestGorilla vs


Hiring Process: Assessing Personality Types – Astrology or Science?

When it comes to personality tests, there are two schools of thought. Either you’re in the camp who believes they’re a waste of time, or you think they’re a great way to predict job performance, cultural fit, and work style. The data can favor the latter, with 75% of large companies saying they use personality


4 Benefits of Using an Online Coding Test to Hire Great Developers

If you think the tech market is flooded with talent, the stats will prove you wrong. In early 2022, general unemployment sits at 4%. The tech sector is even lower at just 1.7%, causing a squeeze on candidate availability.  In 2022, data suggests that 86% of the most qualified candidates are already employed and not