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How to Manage Your Time Effectively [Comic]

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Ok so let’s dive into this a bit deeper. What can you do to use your time effectively?

Make a List of Your Tasks

Write it on paper, in a computer document, on a fancy app, spell it out in Scrabble tiles, scroll it in blood on a nearby wall (maybe don’t do that) – the point is, it doesn’t matter where you write it down. The act of writing down what you need to do is the absolute first step in making sure you get stuff done.

Just write it down. Now.

Prioritize Your Tasks

Some things are more important than others. It can be tempting to arrange your list based on what you’d _prefer_ to do first. However, this, of course, doesn’t always make for a truly productive list. You need to be honest with yourself about what is actually important and what can wait.

My suggestion for organizing your list?

First, group together anything that involves other people. If people are waiting on you to do your part or get an answer back, deprioritizing those tasks can slow down your whole team.

Once you’ve sorted those, pick the most important, difficult task and pair it with a smaller easier one. Repeat this for the rest of the list. Ideally, this strategy will help prevent procrastination borne from feeling overwhelmed. Accomplishing the smaller will also give a bonus good feeling that’ll help encourage you to keep going.

Do The Work

As always, this is easier said than done. A good strategy is to set a timer for a predetermined interval and do your work and **only your work** until the timer is finished, then break! If you get distracted easily, do longer time intervals (between 50 to 120 minutes) and longer breaks. That way you’ll have fewer time breaks to di

Speaking of working without distractions…

Eliminate Distractions

Figure out what you need to do your work then make sure that is the only thing you have. Distracted by the internet? Use an extension like self-control to block out any site that’s not relevant to your work. In a distracting environment? Use noise canceling headphones or, better yet, leave! Go somewhere more conducive to productivity.

Revaluate and Update

Your to-do list is a living document. If you’ve gotta do it even if it comes up in the middle of a work session, add it to the list.

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