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How to Ensure Compliance With Spain’s New Time and Attendance Tracking Law

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Have you heard the news? The Spanish government just passed a new record-keeping law regarding time and attendance tracking of employees. Every company operating in Spain is required to comply.

In this blog post, we’ll simplify and explain the intricacies of the law for you and tell you how to ensure compliance. 

The New Mandatory Time Tracking Law in Spain

If you’re unfamiliar with the new law in Spain, let us inform you on the matter. In a nutshell, the law states that every company operating in Spain must track the hours and attendance of each of its employee — regardless of whether or not its employees are hourly or salaried workers. This law officially took effect on the 12th of May, 2019.

The Royal Decree-Law also says that employee time records must be kept for at least four years, workers must understand the distribution and duration of a regular workday, and unions must be informed on a monthly basis if any team members work overtime. Failure to comply with the decree will result in fines of a few hundred to a few thousand euros depending on the severity of the violation.

It’s also worth noting that remote employees are not exempt from this law. Therefore, their time and attendance must also be tracked.

What’s the Point?

Mainly, the law seeks to ensure that working schedule regulations are followed and to minimize both labor abuse and fraud incidents from occurring. It will now be more difficult for companies to overwork employees or cheat them out of overtime pay. It will also give the Spanish government more control over certain labor affairs.

Toggl: Your Partner in Compliance

While ensuring compliance with this new law is very important, as a business professional, you have more important things to do than fret over this issue. Looking for a simple solution with automated reporting? You may want to consider using Toggl’s time tracking app. The Toggl time tracker is the most effective and simple way to track time, increase productivity, and ensure compliance with the new mandatory time card law.

Once the Toggl app is installed on each employees smartphone, tablet, or computer, they only have to click one button to begin tracking time. Toggl will then automatically record time worked until the button is pushed again.

What if your team forgets to clock in? Not a problem. Our app will automatically send friendly reminders.

After your team’s timesheets have been filled out by our tool, the data can then be analyzed. Toggl produces comprehensive reports that will inform you of how long specific projects take. This information can be used to improve processes, increase productivity, and boost profits.

Because Toggl is completely digital and many aspects of our solution are automated, complying with Spain’s new record-keeping law couldn’t be easier. Plus, since you’ll save so many hours NOT manually calculating paper time sheets, you’ll have plenty of time to focus on other, more important business tasks. 

The Time Card Calculator

Alternatively, you can use our time card calculator free of charge. The tool is very simple to use. Just have your employees input (or input yourself) their clock in and clock out times for each day of the week that they’ve worked. You’re also given the ability input break in and break out times for complete accuracy.

Once all of the time details have been inserted, Toggl Track will tally the results and give you the total weekly hours worked for each specific employee. But it gets better. Our calculator also allows users to quickly estimate earnings.

All you or your employees have to do is decide whether to have the calculator rounds minutes worked to the nearest 5, 10, 15, 30, or 60-minute mark or forego rounding altogether. Then enter each employees overtime hours, base pay rate, and overtime pay rate. The Toggl Track calculator will automatically take the details entered and estimate earnings. Simple, right?

Following the Law

To recap, Spain’s new time and attendance time tracking law states that companies operating in Spain must track each employee’s time and attendance — even if they are salaried team members or work remotely. Fines ranging from a few hundred to a few thousand euros will be issued to companies who don’t comply.

Fortunately, Toggl Track will help you become compliant with the law. We offer a full-fledged time tracking app which will make following the mandatory time card law a breeze. 

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