What a WeWork Interior Designer Can Teach Us About Our Workspaces

Long, sleek wooden tables with built-in outlets. Concrete blocks stacked in zig-zags around booths were lit by gold-capped lamps.


How Not to Build a Video Game

We tried to build a video game in a week and failed spectacularly. Join us on our 5-day journey to launch Paper Pushers: an office life simulation.


The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Bad*ss Brand Book (With Examples)

Back in the good old days, when the Internet was still new and everyone had eye-blinding Geocities blogs, brand books weren’t really that important.


8 Tips to Build an Outstanding Web Developer Portfolio

When it comes to landing a gig or position as a web developer, there are two key things you’ll need: the necessary skills and a killer online web developer portfolio to prove you actually have them. Unfortunately, it’s that second part that trips many people up. Sure, you love flexing your creative muscles and coding


Reaching Your Limit: How to Manage Design Change Requests

You’ve redesigned a website for a client—let’s call him Joe. You send over the link to the staging site so that he can take a look at what you’ve done so far. Overall, Joe is happy with it (or so he says…). But, then comes the inevitable onslaught of design change requests. First, Joe wants


4 Surefire Ways to Set Yourself Apart From Your Web Design Competition

Your quality of work might always be high, there’s still one big thing that you and your web design agency struggle with: setting yourself apart from web design competition.


What I Learned About Hiring Designers After Going Through 4,000 Portfolios in 4 Months

About a year ago I began looking for a new in-house product designer for Toggl. Had I known this would take me on a four month wild goose chase around thousands of portfolios, I would’ve done things differently.


Want to Know What People Really Think About Your Product? Start Doing Usability Tests.

It’s well-known in the SaaS community that usability testing is a powerful tool to use throughout the product design process. For Toggl, though, usability testing is still pretty new. Up until a few months ago, we relied mostly on in-house testing. And although this was a great approach for finding weird bugs, it wasn’t so great


6 Problems New Designers Face (and Their Free Solutions)

We asked our designer Heidi to put together a list of free design tools for the cash-strapped creatives. This is how she got started. Every experienced designer has great sources for stock stuff and inspiration. But when you’re just starting out, the Internet can be a big, scary thing and finding free stuff can be difficult.


6 Performance Tips for HTML Canvas and CreateJS

Do you code? HTML5 and the CReateJS suit sound familiar to you? Toggl is looking for developers – you can work from anywhere! Check out our open positions here. Recently, we completely overhauled Teamweek’s main user interface. In addition to a slicker design, the new UI also provides support for mobile devices and is built on HTML5 canvas using