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Time Management As Told By Slow Animals [Comic]

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Feel like you’re not getting enough done? Do minutes, hours, days disappear like they’re Game of Thrones characters at a wedding? The solution? Time management–but it can be tricky to remember.

That’s why we’ve hired out the services of a few incredibly slow animals to give you a few basic tips. Just remember: do as they say, not as they do.

time management-slow-animals-2

This comic was created by Extra Fabulous Comics for the Toggl Team – the people behind the world’s no. 1 time tracking app.

Everyone and their mother has a different, new, life-changing hack, that will give you infinite minutes in your day. But unless you manage to track down a DeLorean owner, you’re likely out of luck.

Much like losing weight is all about diet and exercise, getting more from your time is all about organization and planning. The rest is technique and strategy. There is no easy way around it.

Before you get into the specifics of time management techniques, it’s always good to have a handle on the basics. Keeping yourself organized will go a long way in making your time stretch further.

I’ll start with time management right after I read another comic…

That’s very believable.

Well, if you’re not ready to start tracking your time (or you’ve already started your timer), you may want to check out our airport survival guide.

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If you have any ideas for the next one, or if you think we’ve missed an essential part of time management, let us know where it says “Comments.”

Emma Murray

Emma Murray makes content and content and even more content. She believes everyone has a few good words in them. She also does photojournalism here: https://www.emmakathleenmurray.com/

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