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My Failures in Managing a Remote Team (And How to Avoid Them)

It has been exactly four years since I joined the truly awesome team at Toggl. Coincidentally, that was also the time when Toggl switched from a traditional office to remote working.

Remote Work

A Day in the Life of a Toggl Track Frontend Developer

I’ve recently found out pretty much all our frontend developers think working for Toggl Track is even better than what they expected when they applied for the job. Huh. Of course, as one of the earliest members of the frontend team, I’m glad to know we’ve been consistently exceeding expectations. But this information made me

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How Toggl Track Is Hiring Remotely Using Toggl Hire

When it comes to working and hiring remotely, most people usually belong in one of two groups: those who think it’s a chance to binge-watch Game of Thrones on their couch while pretending to work and those who think it’s a chance to do meaningful work they love without the stress of commuting.

Remote Work

Where We Work: Our Remote Staff Shares Their Workspaces

Toggl is a fully remote company with employees all over the world. This setup allows us to build an amazing, dynamic, global team. However, working remotely can be a lonely endeavor. That’s why we decided to share our workspaces with each other (and you!) It can be hard to create a culture in a workplace without

Remote Work

How to Escape a Volcano: Field Notes From Bali

On my 12th day in Bali, I was bitten by a snake.


How to Make 12 Apps in 12 Months

In the beginning of 2017, my wife and I decided that we would share the maternity leave and I would stay home for a year. I would take a break from my work on Toggl apps and become a full-time stay at home dad.


Why My First Real Job Application Was the Best

This is a story about how our new teammate – Rico – found us and how we ended up hiring him by using Hundred5. For my past jobs, friends and acquaintances paved the way. I never had to apply for real. That changed when I applied for Toggl. No one I knew could help me


How to Find the Best Customer Support Agents for Your Team

This is a story how we at Toggl are using automated skill-based testing to hire top customer support agents with little effort. Our Support Team Lead shares her thoughts on what skills an excellent customer success agent should have, and shares some useful tips on how to build workable tests with Toggl Hire.

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How One Engineer Hired 6 Top Programmers With Minimum Effort

This is a story how we at Toggl are using automated skill-based testing to hire top developers with little effort. Our mobile technical lead writes about the key elements in his process and gives useful tips on how to build workable tests with Toggl Hire.


How I Took a Quiz on Facebook and Accidentally Got a Job

When I got a job at Toggl, it was an accident. Not a “I left my oven on and now my home is a charred shell of memories” sort of accident.

Remote Work

3 Things to Consider When Traveling and Working Remotely

If you love traveling, being a digital nomad may sound incredibly appealing. Getting paid while trekking around the world, what could be better?


To The Person Who Tracked 40 Hours On…

After seeing Spotify’s outdoor user data campaign earlier this year, we decided to do our own. Because we all know, marketing isn’t really about originality – and imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.