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What I Learned About Hiring Designers After Going Through 4,000 Portfolios in 4 Months

About a year ago I began looking for a new in-house product designer for Toggl. Had I known this would take me on a four month wild goose chase around thousands of portfolios, I would’ve done things differently.

Remote Work

5 Lessons I’ve Learned While Working Remotely from 22 Countries

Last week marked my 2-year anniversary at Toggl so I decided to do what everyone seems to these days – write a blog post about what I’ve learned while trying to make sense of the things I might’ve missed out on.


How to Stay Focused While Working Remotely

Disclaimer: No, this article won’t make you magically productive and it will not have some mind-blowing never-heard-that-before revelation. You’ve been warned. I believe the biggest irony about this article is that it took me too long to write it, how can I write about productivity when I can’t make myself to write it in the first place, so


7 Things I Learned That Made Me a Better Programmer

The first time I coded something in my life was at around age 8 or 9, when an old MSX computer crept into my house. It came inside a box of random crap that my brother traded for a different box of random crap.

Working at Toggl

6 Valuable Things You’ll Get From Working in the Toggl Track Marketing Team

It’s a sad misconception that millennial employees expect nothing but booze, nerf gun fights and anarchy from their workplaces.

Working at Toggl

Anatomy of a Toggl Track Job #2 – The Mobile App Marketer

Toggl Track needs a mobile app marketer with ASO skills. Take our job test here to see if you’re a fit!

Working at Toggl

Anatomy of a Toggl Track Job #1 – The Backend Developer

Toggl Track is looking for backend developers. Take our job test here to apply.

Remote Work

We Asked Our Remote Staff to Share Their Desks (to Fight Loneliness)

Toggl is a remote company – which means a good chunk of our employees don’t work from the office. In fact, we’re so far apart that we cover just about every single timezone & landmass (except Antarctica, but we’re working on that).

Working at Toggl

What Can You Expect from Working at Toggl?

As your team grows, you inevitably have to start thinking about scaling your culture. We recently sat down to think hard about what makes working at Toggl special.

Working at Toggl

What It’s Like Working for Toggl (and How You Can Join Us)

We have a lot of different people working at Toggl, doing so in a lot of different ways. So we thought we’d shed some light into what their days look like – and kindly invite you along for the ride.


Pro Airport Hacks to Make Flying Suck Less [Infographic]

Ah, the airport – a veritable hell of long lines, frisky officers, expensive meals and bad coffee. But to get to where we want to go, we must overcome. We want to share some helpful airport hacks and tips on how to make flying suck less. We do a lot of traveling, both to meet with our

Remote Work

Why We Spend 40,000+ a Year on Our Remote Team Meetings

Toggl currently has 37 employees – 11 of them work remotely from other countries. That number is only going to grow in the future, as we’re steadily but surely working towards building a global team.
The main reason we&…