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We Wanted to See How Much Time We’re Wasting, and the Results Are Shocking [Experiment]

Do you know what you’re really spending your working hours on? We decided to find out, and the results are pretty shocking.

Remote Work

When You Go Remote, Staying Connected Is Everything

We love hearing how other Toggl users manage their businesses, and we love sharing their stories. This time, Christian Ángel Rennella shares his company’s experience in transitioning from a physical office into a virtual team.

Remote Work

5 Tips to Make Work While Traveling a Breeze

I tend to work a lot. I also tend to travel a lot. Not many people get the chance to work remotely so when you do – make sure to embrace it. I’ve worked remotely on and off for the last three years and traveled to fifteen countries along the way.


5 Simple Tricks We Use to Make Meetings Suck Less

Runaway meetings are huge day killers. The worst of them end up morphing into these weird social gatherings in an awkward work-obligation kind of way. Yuck.

Remote Work

The Power of a Handshake – Why Remote Teams Still Need an Office

As remote work gets more and more popular, we have to ask what is the glue that holds companies together?

Modern Work

5 Tips on Surviving Work During Summer

At Toggl, we know it’s summer when our office suddenly has more floors than people.

Remote Work

5 Challenges of Working Remotely (and How to Conquer Them)

When you spend your days at home in a virtual office, it can seem that the biggest hurdle remote employees face is finding the motivation to put on real pants.


The Office Manager’s Productivity Hacks

We spend nearly half of our waking hours at the offices and it is fair to say that the people there are like our family. And as you know, we can choose our friends, but we cannot choose our family.