Top 5 Free Project Management Tools and the Problems They Solve for You

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Project management is the art of getting sh*t done.

At the same time, we all know that sometimes it’s not that easy to get everything done in the most efficient way. Either you don’t have the right people, resources, time or the motivation.

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Some of these issues are trickier than the others, some can be fixed just by picking the right tools for the job. Here are some common problems that the best online project management tools can solve for you:

Problem – my team lacks transparency in work plans and people aren’t aware of what is expected to get done.

Solution – Toggl Plan: a transparent project planning calendar that gives clear direction and overview of all your projects and daily tasks.

Toggl PlanWhy you’ll keep using it? It gives great overview on long term project plans and at the same time allows you to manage day-to-day tasks in cross functional teams.

Problem – my work tasks and files are all over the place.

Solution – Asana: keep all the work tasks and files in one place and easily share them with your coworkers.


Why you’ll keep using it? It’s an established tool that offers a variety of features for everything you might need for organizing your work.

Problem – I keep working on too much stuff at the same time and nothing gets finished.

Solution – Trello: a virtual Kanban board to get the really important stuff done.


Why you’ll keep using it? It has a foolproof feature set that allows you to embrace Kanban and get stuff done.

Problem – I frequently lose my notes about simple tasks I want to get done.

Solution – Todoist: keep it on your mobile and computer to always have a place to write up random tasks and ideas that pop up at meetings.


Why you’ll keep using it? It’s lightweight and easy to use on any device.

Problem – I’m collaborating with an agency and all the project notes are scattered across 5 different mediums.

Solution – Podio: keep the communication, notes and files at one place to carry that collaborative project across the finish line.

PodioWhy you’ll keep using it? – It will organize your work with outsourced agencies in a very convenient way.

Pro hack: track your work time inside all these tools with the help of our Toggl Button Chrome extension.

Problem it solves – see how much time is spent on different projects and determine if that time is actually well spent.

April 19, 2017