Zanshin: How To Better Manage Our Time and Attention

Finding it difficult to focus while working? Join the club. We might be motivated, educated, and resourceful, but we’re not reaching our highest professional potential because we don’t know how to focus. 


How Long Does It Take To Write an Entire BBC Radio Sitcom?

My name is David Charles and I’m a comedy writer. And data freak. I go back through four years of data to tell you exactly how long it takes to write an entire BBC radio sitcom series.


A Brief History of Work Time [Comic]

There’s nothing wrong with loving your job, but there’s a difference between being professional and being busy for the sake of it.


Forest Bathing for Productivity

Frolicking in trees might seem like an awfully frivolous waste of time to you at first. You want to be more productive, not less. Sitting in the trees doesn’t sound like getting anything done. But that assumption is the problem.


If Programming Languages Were Games [Comic]

The only difference between programming and games is that games have win conditions. But if programming languages were games, JavaScript would clearly be Counter-Strike.


The Creative Benefits of Embracing Boredom

I grew up in the mid-2000s in a household that used dial-up internet. Thankfully, this meant that I had a childhood that largely took place offline. But things changed rapidly when the 2010s rolled around.


Top Places to Work Remotely in 2020 [Comic]

Some of these remote workspaces–such as the afterlife–might not personally appeal to you. We cannot vouch for the safety or practicability of these remote workspaces. We can, however, guarantee that the list itself topical and fair.


Infographics About Work That Are Simply True [Comic]

These infographics about work present such important observations as the fact that right now, you’re both (likely) supposed to be working and also looking at a Venn diagram, or that every employee ever has considered stealing toilet paper at one point or another.


What a WeWork Interior Designer Can Teach Us About Our Workspaces

Long, sleek wooden tables with built-in outlets. Concrete blocks stacked in zig-zags around booths were lit by gold-capped lamps.


Working from Home: The Pros and Cons [Comic]

At the end of the day, being able to work from home is a privilege. For those who can, working from home does come with certain unique advantages.


The Hidden Dangers of Refactoring [Comic]

A couple of years ago I had what looked like a leaky sewage pipe in my apartment. We started taking out the wall to get to the root of the problem. It wasn’t long before half of the apartment was stripped to the bones.  During one of our long and sweary smoke breaks, my builder—normally


Every Video Call You’ve Ever Had [Comic]

If you have a video call where no one says, “Is everyone here? Can you hear me?” did it even happen?