Explaining Software Development Methods By Flying to Mars [Comic]

Truth be told, there’s no wrong way to manage a big software project (except “moving fast and breaking things”–that one has not aged well). Waterfall may seem rigid and old school, but it’s really just another way of saying “plan ahead.”


How to Build a Car Like a Startup [Comic]

Building a startup is about hacking beautiful ideas into flaming wrecks and then putting people in them. It should never be used for making cars.


Programming Languages Explained With Music [Comic]

Curious about what music genre your favorite coding language would be? We were too, so we decided to take some educated guesses. Don’t @ us PHP and country fans.


10 Startups the World Is Missing [Comic]

There is an old adage that no idea is a bad idea. This is, of course, ridiculous. Just look at the startups world: from the $400 device that squeezes juice from a juice pack to 95% of blockchain related companies, bad ideas are abundant and frequently well funded.


Working From Home: What Your Neighbors Think You Do vs. What You Actually Do

Working from home may seem like the perfect solution to many of your workplace woes, but one significant downside is how easily work time bleeds into home time. Living rooms become work rooms, and the temptation of working in the bedroom is often too much to resist. 


What Your Favorite Programming Language Says About You [Comic]

Some people look at the alignment of planets and stars to reveal truths about their innermost being, but why bother with that when you can just pop open GitHub and learn about yourself from your favorite programming language.


Awesome Tech Geniuses You Might Not Have Heard Of [Comic]

From the early days of tech to the present, women have contributed to scientific and technical breakthroughs. Although their work has changed the ways we live today and laid the foundations for further technological exploration and innovation, many pioneers haven’t received widespread recognition. We wanted to highlight all the wonderful work done by women in science and tech fields.


A Job Is a Job [Comic]

Often, we wear ourselves thin for our jobs, giving it all at the expense of our health and joy. We attribute this frustration to having the wrong job or not doing what we love, but stressors can wear you down even if you have your dream job.


How Anxiety Works [Comic]

We all deal with anxiety. There can even be positives to this stress. However, anxiety can tip from helpful to an out of control stressor if left unchecked.


How Not to Build a Video Game

We tried to build a video game in a week and failed spectacularly. Join us on our 5-day journey to launch Paper Pushers: an office life simulation.


How to Grow and Cultivate an Online Community [Comic]

Looking to differentiate yourself online? Want to build a community around your work? We’ve got a few ideas on how to do just that!


“I Made That!” Stories, Tips, and Ideas on Creating

Have you ever made something you’re proud of? Like, a big smile, finger pointing, “I did that” exclaiming, proud of? This week we’re sharing stories, tips, and ideas on creating.