An Update on Our New Color Scheme
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An Update on Our New Color Scheme

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Hey Togglers, 

Things do look different around here, don’t they?

On the 7th of September we updated our public web and all of our apps with a fresh new look, including a bold new color scheme. It took a huge amount of time and effort from our wonderful teams and we’re really proud of our new brand! 


We received some user feedback that our new palette was making our product less accessible, particularly to those who experience color blindness. We want to reassure everyone who reached out that we take this feedback seriously.

Toggl has always been user-centric. We would never intentionally make the product less user friendly. Through the course of our rebrand, we made some accessibility improvements. But clearly, others fell through the cracks.

Thank you for alerting us to this. It should have been caught before the launch. Now we’re working to resolve it as soon as possible. Our team is creating a unified design system and component library to enable much more flexibility with colors across our products, with increased accessibility as the first priority.

If you have any concerns or suggestions, please reach out to our friendly Support team, who will pass your feedback on to everyone at Toggl Track. You can email them at or reach out on social media.

Thank you for making your voice heard. We’re listening, and we hear you.

Toggl Track CEO

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