Toggl Track Dropping Support for Internet Explorer 11

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From February 1, 2020, Toggl Track will no longer be supporting Internet Explorer 11 (IE11).

This means that after this date, Toggl Track will no longer develop our product with IE11 in mind or fix bugs specific to this now unsupported browser. Future updates and features introduced for Toggl Track may no longer be compatible with the use of this browser.

What Should You Do?

Assuming you still use IE11, you’ll need to update to a more modern and secure web browser.

Toggl Track supports all modern browsers and there are many different options available as alternatives to IE11. A selection of the most popular browser options can be found below.

Google Chrome 
Mozilla Firefox 
Apple Safari 
Microsoft Edge 

Why Are We Making This Change?

The browser Microsoft designed to supersede IE11, Microsoft Edge, was released over four years ago. In that time, IE11 has received no major updates other than basic security and technical maintenance, designed to keep the browser operating at the bare minimum of functionality.

The internet has changed rapidly in recent years and the lack of updates for IE11 means that the browser no longer supports the most modern web standards—the same standards that we rely on to provide the best functionality, security, and performance for you.

Due to the security risks, development costs, and compatibility issues, and coupled with the small number of people using IE11 with Toggl Track, we’re confident that now is the right time to discontinue IE11 support.

Microsoft is actively encouraging their customers to start using alternative browsers and many other major vendors are also ending their support for IE11. Microsoft’s Chris Jackson has explained the reasons they are encouraging their customers to move away from IE11 on the Microsoft blog.

If you have any questions about this change or are having trouble with the use or installation of a modern browser, please contact our support team

October 30, 2019