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Your law firm's lifeline is the billable hour. See where each one is going.

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Snippets of the timer and reporting features in Toggl Track
Company logos: Law at Work, Cognia, Sprintlaw, ACLU, The Mom Project, Nielsen, BCG, SAP
Company logos:  Law at Work, Cognia, Sprintlaw, ACLU, The Mom Project, Nielsen, BCG, SAP

Trusted by 70,000+ growing teams worldwide

Replace outdated, clunky time trackers and manual spreadsheets

  • Multi-platform time tracking that anyone can use

    Track time from inside other tools, from your desktop, your phone, or the web. Track in live time or add time later.

  • Be as careful as you need to be with access

    Choose your team's admin rights and perform audits. Designate access that works best for your team.

  • GDPR-compliant and committed to employee privacy

    Toggl Track stays compliant with the latest GDPR regulatory developments and takes a hard stance against employee surveillance.

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    Benefits of time tracking in law firms

    A Toggl Track summary report to be emailed to various people such as the CEO, team lead, project manager, and clients.

    Bill clients seamlessly

    We capture every billable minute worked across your entire team. Share comprehensive data with clients, providing down-to-the-minute accountability.

    A sample of Toggl Track invoice accompanied with some time entries and the quickbooks logo

    Simplify your billing and invoicing process

    Convert your time reports into client-ready invoices without hassle. Leverage our integration with QuickBooks and other tools to streamline your invoicing processes.

    Snippet featuring time entry locking and time entry requirements in Toggl Track data, leading to accurate data for labor costs

    Optimize your admin, optimize your casework

    Set up time tracking reminders, alerts and required fields to cut down admin work and free up your time to work on cases and other billable projects.

    A screenshot of a Toggl Track weekly report

    Protect your associates from burnout

    Track project hours and performance in real time — and move around resources or re-scope as needed. Make staffing decisions based on hard data, not gut intuition.

    Use time tracking data to drive your law firm forward

    Use built-in reports or create customizable charts and dashboards with Analytics. Let your data answer crucial questions — Are we on schedule? What's at risk? Where are the bottlenecks? Use our reporting capabilities to make better decisions.

    Learn more about Analytics and custom reports
    Toggl Track Analytics' feature

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    Is Toggl Track the best time tracker for lawyers?

    We'd like to think so, but don't take our word for it. Meet Harvey Esquire, a legal services firm that believes that Toggl Track keeps their industry honest.

    Harvey Esquire highlight with firm logo

    With Toggl Track, Harvey Esquire:

    Icon of dollar bills

    Recaptured 25% of their billable hours

    that were previously lost due to chaotic and laborious time tracking admin

    Icon of a puzzle piece

    Fully integrated Toggl Track seamlessly into their workflow,

    with tools like Trello and Google Calendar with minimal disruption

    Icon of a muscle

    Improved their overall billing structure

    from being able to easily calculate profits and losses for each project or client

    Having graphs and summaries versus detailed time entries is the most brilliant feature of the platform. It's magical.

    — Chris Harvey, CEO and Managing Partner of Harvey Esquire

    Track every billable minute like Harvey Esquire

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    Time tracking features that lawyers and attorneys need

    Icon for billable rates
    Billable rates

    Assign billable rates by workspace, team member, project, or project member to see what activities are generating revenue.

    Icon for time rounding
    Time rounding

    Automatically round time entries up or down to the nearest interval of your choice. Yes, even at 6-minute increments.

    Icon for saved reports
    Saved reports

    Create a dynamic permalink for specific reports and share the link with clients so they can track your work live, or bookmark for easy access.

    Icon for project estimates and alerts
    Project time estimates and alerts

    Add project hours so you can track how your actuals are doing against your estimates. Get automated email alerts as estimates approach certain milestones that you specify.

    Icon for recurring projects
    Recurring projects

    Set project time estimates as recurring to reset your estimates regularly every designated period for retainer projects

    Icon for team reminders
    Team reminders

    Email automated reminders to your team if they've tracked less than their target daily or weekly hours.

    100+ integrations with popular online tools

    See all integrations
    Tools: Google Calendar, Slack, Notion, Outlook Calendar, Dropbox Paper, Evernote, Google Drive, Google Docs, Trello

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    How to track time for law professionals

    An illustration of a woman holding a medal with the Toggl Track logo

    Create your free account

    Get started with a free trial.

    An illustration of a woman holding an email invite, dedicated to team members, the finance team, clients, and the CEO

    Invite your team

    Get your entire team set up in seconds.

    A snippet of time entry data such as clients, projects, and tags

    Create clients and projects

    Add projects, clients, and tags.

    A snippet of time entries or team members with billable rates

    Assign billable rates to projects and your team

    Control labor costs and billable rates in one place.

    An illustration of a hand clicking on the 'Start timer' button with the macOS/iOS, Android, Windows, Chrome, and Firefox icons on the bottom left

    Start tracking your time!

    Get your team to track their time. Use our desktop, mobile, or web app.

    Various data elements such as a pie chart with billable information and total amount of time spent on tasks such as 'Meetings' and 'Bug fixes'

    Export your data

    Export time reports — filter by clients, projects, and team members.

    Join 5 million users tracking their time to get results

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    Is Toggl Track free for an unlimited number of users?

    What other tools does Toggl Track integrate with?

    How many projects and clients can I add?

    Is the tool suitable for tracking both billable and non-billable hours?

    Does Toggl Track have different user roles and permissions?

    Are there options for tracking time in offline mode?

    It's time to get your team on Track

    I recommend this to absolutely every single new associate who comes to the firm and have used it for years since I found it — 4 firms ago. Being able to enter past time in minute increments (ex: .6) is great for a lawyer.

    Tiffany S., Associate Attorney. 5/5 stars on G2.com.

    Makes my billing very accurate especially as a lawyer where every minute matters.

    Michael D., Candidate Attorney. 5/5 stars on G2.com.

    Toggl Track reviews

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