Toggl Track Case Studies of Time Tracking and Beyond

From small teams to large organizations, learn how Toggl Track customers use easy time tracking, custom reports, and billable hours to improve their business.

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Toggl Track has also made it possible to keep an eye on employees' work-life balance—even at the C-suite level.

Platinum Companies Hospitality

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Toggl Track is wickedly easy to use. Having graphs and Summaries vs. Detailed Time is the most brilliant feature of the platform.

Harvey Esquire Legal Firm

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Toggl Track increased our profitability by at least 20%. We found out where the team was spending too much time on clients.

Mister Sweat Public Relations Firm

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Toggl Track makes billing transparent and helps customers see the costs of the features that they request.

3angletech Software Development Agency

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Toggl Track has given us actual data about our labor; we're able to see how much time each step of our creative process takes.

Roguemark Studios Creative Agency

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Toggl Track is a super easy, intuitive way for us to track our time. It’s been a lifesaver.

Paxson Fay Communications Agency

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Thanks to the analytics enabled by Toggl Track, we have a fully clear workflow for each project.

Twinkl Publishing Firm

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Any person looking to maximize their day should use Toggl Track.

Revelation Agency Marketing and Public Relations Agency

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Toggl Track’s custom reports allow us to create project summary data quickly and efficiently for customer invoicing.

Perception Engineering Engineering Firm

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Not only is Toggl Track easy to use, it’s actually difficult to forget to track our time.

Mediacurrent Web Development & Strategy Agency

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Through Toggl Track, our clients can feel like everything is under their control. We can facilitate that.

Moove It Software Consultancy

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What more Users are saying

Cynthia M. Graphic Designer

Great way to keep my
team accountable

Toggl Track has helped my team stay accountable and helped us to track our daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly measurable to stay on track with our department goals!

Narendra V. Co-founder, SprintCube

Awesome time tracking app!

Everyone at SprintCube is using Toggl Track for tracking their time. This helps me to focus on important things instead of micromanaging. The data also helps us to negotiate with clients!

Rahul V. Manager, Management Consulting

Timesheets made easy

Simple tool to track team members' time and how they are spending it. Very useful for hourly billing engagements and clients.

Jonathan O. Developer

Time marches on...
keep track of it

I love the at-a-glance timesheet where I can see my work and how I am using my time throughout the day. The app on my phone is also tied to my projects so I can easily track meetings when I am away from my desk.

Melissa E. Adjunct Professor

Recording hours is
easier now

I looked at several different apps before deciding that Toggl Track was the best for what I required. It was simple to set up and easy to track by just indicating what I was doing and the time I started and finished.

Evgenia B. Architectural Designer

The most reliable
tool for time tracking

Toggl Track has a very simple design that makes time tracking a breeze. It's not overloaded with features and the ability to categorize your tasks makes it even easier to track your progress when working on multiple projects.