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Toggl Track is here to save your time—so you can spend it where you want to. That’s our singular focus.

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Time tracking for freelancers

Toggl Track delivers insight into your time. Because small teams win big with smart time tracking.

There are 1,440 minutes each day to work, grow your business, and clock out

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Insights like flashlights

Track shines a light on your workweek. From profitability projections to earnings-per-client to ROI to milestone setting—Track insights turn small teams into mighty ones.
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Stay accountable inside and outside your team

Track uses 360-degree visibility to keep teams accountable—to each other, and to their clients. Create beautiful weekly or monthly reports that clients don't need a PhD to understand. Send email reminders to log hours. Track's seamless reporting creates transparency with one click.
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Put your people where they belong

No one should be overworked or underworked—least of all, you. With Track's capabilities, get a bird's-eye view into where your team is spending time. Then, reshuffle the work accordingly.
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Fit the bill

Don't accept best-guess invoices. Bill with razor-sharp accuracy, down to the minute. Leave behind messy spreadsheets, forgotten time-cards, and disorganized time systems. Never lose another billable hour.
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Studies found that daily time tracking can reduce lost hours from 23% to less than 5% (a recovery of 80%)

5M+ users trust Toggl Track to optimize their time

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Toggl Track is trusted by teams of 1 to 10,000

Our users range from solo flyers to enterprise empires

Company logos: Wise, ACLU, Atlassian, Zapier, Heap Analytics, Square, The Mom Project, Dell, BCG, Autodesk
Company logos: Wise, ACLU, Atlassian, Square, The Mom Project, Zapier, Heap Analytics, Autodesk
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Users love us!

And we know you will too

"Toggl Track saved Platinum $18,000 by making it possible to see that some client project hours were missing."

Rich Tuckwell-Skuda

Platinum Companies

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"Toggl Track has been useful in letting use know how much time each task takes. We used to just estimate time for a project/task. Now we actually have data to look through."

Bunker Creative

Design agency in London

Logo of Bunker Creative, a design agency in London
Toggl Track reviews: 4.5 out of 5 stars in Capterra, GetApp, Software Advice and GCrowd
Toggl Track reviews: 4.5 out of 5 stars in Capterra, GetApp, Software Advice and GCrowd

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