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Toggl Track - Best Work Hours Tracker

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Toggl Track - Best Work Hours Tracker

Is Toggl Track the Best Work Hours Tracker?

Is Toggl Track the world’s greatest time and task tracker app? We think so, but obviously we’re a little biased. So we’ll let you decide. But we’ll make the case below. Here’s what you need to consider when you’re thinking about how best to track your work day.

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How much time do you spend on projects?

Obviously, the whole reason you’re seeking a time tracker is to get some clarity on how much time you spend on projects. Do some projects make up 80% of your effort but only 20% of your revenue? We can help you figure that out. Just assign goals and tasks in Toggl Track’s easy-to-use interface.

Log your hours in real time to optimize every work day. Once you start gathering data week over week, patterns will begin to emerge. Create combined time usage reports and get a fresh perspective on time management.

Do you bill clients for all your work hours?

You probably let more working minutes slip through the cracks than you think. To increase the cash in your pocket, you also need to increase what you bill out. So increase your billable hours by tracking every second of work. Maximize your revenues from even small client-support tasks like emails, live chats, video consults, conference calls, and more. Don’t let precious billable moments go untracked during the chaos of the day. Toggl Track is easy to “set and forget.”

Which time management habits should you change?

Are you really being productive throughout your work day? The first step to understanding where you need to make changes is to get a truly accurate picture of your work day.

Use Toggl Track’s intuitive report-generation interface to create insightful time-use reports. Analyze this information, observe your work habits, adjust your priorities, and maximize your productive time.

Toggl Track is the time tracking solution that talks back to you. You’re working in tandem with Toggl Track to understand how you can be your most productive self. Now let’s get to work!

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Toggl Track task tracker app

The Bottom Line: Insightful Time-Use Reports

We recommend boosting your productivity with Toggl Track’s work hours tracking solution. Handy shortcuts allow you to log your hours in real time, create compelling and insightful time-use reports, and export employee timesheets.

What’s more, use it in your browser and as an Android/iOS app. Integrate Toggl Track into your favorite productivity platforms and email programs.

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