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Companies that use Toggl Track: Uber, Salesforce, Wise, GE, Algolia, World Food Programme, Pixelmatters,, ACLU
Companies that use Toggl Track: Uber, Salesforce, Wise, GE, Algolia, World Food Programme, Pixelmatters,, ACLU

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Keeping track of work hours has never been so easy

  • Easy, fuss-free onboarding

    Instant setup, intuitive one-click time tracking, and privacy-first approach to make it a breeze to get the whole team on board

  • Multi-platform time tracking that fits your workflow

    Track your work hours from inside other tools, whether Google Suite or Asana, from your desktop, phone, or the web

  • Well-loved by employees, freelancers, and contractors

    Toggl Track has a longstanding record that proves that tracking work hours can be simple and minimalistic. A user once said, "Weirdly, Toggl Track makes time tracking fun."

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    An app for tracking work hours that your team will say yes to

    Different time entry options in Toggl Track

    Accurate and easy: get your team’s buy-in with just a few clicks

    Forget time-consuming timesheet entries. Get Toggl Track, integrate with your favorite tools and see 100% adoption in your team.

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    Track profit and project progress

    Track project performance and assess project profitability in real time. Capture every billable minute your team works.

    Example team member, project and client revenue insights you can get with Toggl Track

    Use time tracking to grow your business

    Slice and dice your revenue, resource allocation and project data with customizable, easily-shared, visual reports.

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    For people who have never used employee time tracking software before, it’s extremely easy and intuitive, as well as non-invasive. That’s why there was no resistance when we introduced the tool to our team.

    — Greg Martel, COO and co-founder of Newlogic

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    Teams of 15+ are eligible for a custom demo to see how Toggl Track works at scale.

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    Cross-platform apps for all time tracking preferences.

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    GDPR-compliant. Your security is our priority.

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    Top-rated support with a response time of 3 hours!

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    99% uptime for your peace of mind.

    Is Toggl Track the best time tracker for work hours?

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    In the past 2+ years with Toggl Track, Lighting Beetle:

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    Recorded 50% growth

    year-over-year in revenue after transforming their approach towards project management with time tracking

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    Completed nearly 100% of projects

    on time and within budget by using project time estimates to keep track of project progress.

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    Cultivated loyal clients

    with time reports that gave stakeholders a bird's eye view of time and resource allocation

    Every team or member can work with their time tracking data when they want to improve some metrics. They can create dashboards, and the multiple ways of viewing it means they don’t have to work with multiple Excel files.

    — Dominika Babulicová, Marketing manager at Lighting Beetle*

    Manage projects successfully like Lighting Beetle

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    Time tracking features to log work hours seamlessly

    Icon for billable rates
    Billable rates

    Assign billable rates by workspace, team member, project, or project member to see what activities generate revenue.

    Icon for project time estimates and alerts
    Project time estimates and alerts

    Add project hours to track how your actuals are doing against your estimates. Get automated email alerts as estimates approach certain milestones that you specify.

    Icon for team member audits
    Team member audits

    Use filters to quickly find users who haven’t tracked their work hours — or tracked too little or too much.

    Icon for required fields
    Required fields

    Prevent incomplete time entries and ensure team members fill in the project, task, tag, or description to save their time entry.

    Icon for team access level management
    Team access level management

    Assign basic, project manager, or workspace administrator permissions for each workspace user.

    Icon for summary, Detailed, and Weekly Reports
    Summary, Detailed, and Weekly Reports

    Select the level of detail you want to see, filter and sort your data, and create reports exportable via CSV, PDF or Excel.

    100+ integrations with popular online tools

    See all integrations
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    Try out these features for free

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    How to track and log your work hours

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    Create your free account

    Get started with a free trial.

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    Invite your team

    Get your entire team set up in seconds.

    A snippet of time entry data such as clients, projects, and tags

    Create clients and projects

    Add projects, clients, and tags.

    A snippet of time entries or team members with billable rates

    Assign billable rates to projects and your team

    Control labor costs and billable rates in one place.

    An illustration of a hand clicking on the 'Start timer' button with the macOS/iOS, Android, Windows, Chrome, and Firefox icons on the bottom left

    Start tracking your work hours!

    Get your team to track their time. Use our desktop, mobile, or web app.

    Various data elements such as a pie chart with billable information and total amount of time spent on tasks such as 'Meetings' and 'Bug fixes'

    Export your data

    Export time reports — filter by clients, projects, and team members.

    Join 5 million users tracking their time to get results

    Toggl Track's Free plan is free forever. Our Premium plan comes with a free, 30-day trial. No credit card required to get started.


    Is Toggl Track free for an unlimited number of users?

    Does Toggl Track track non-billable and billable hours?

    How do Toggl Track customizable time tracking reports work?

    It's time to get your work hours on Track

    Toggl Track has given us actual data about our labor. As women in an industry that remains male-dominated, it's really important to us that our work is rewarded appropriately, and that we're not doing work for free.

    Bethany Kaylor, Writer at RogueMark Studios

    Toggl Track's edge is its utter simplicity, and simplicity fosters buy-in. If you want to see how time is spent in your team, you owe members a simple tracking interface. Toggl Track does this.

    Michael T, Executive. 5/5 stars on Capterra.

    Having an easy report to submit for payroll was huge. It gave both my team more freedom to concentrate on the money-making work, and much less time worrying about administrative stuff.

    Marissa B, Director of Communications. 5/5 stars on G2.

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