Toggl Solutions: Customizations To Power Your Company
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Toggl Solutions: Customizations To Power Your Company

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Your operations, your data, your challenges—they’re unique. 

With a large team, time tracking precision is vital to delivering tailored insights that drive specific business needs while minimizing admin overhead.

Introducing Toggl Solutions—customizable Toggl Track tools and customer success services designed to help your company adapt, transform, and scale your time tracking system to maximize its potential. Forget the one-size-fits-all approach—Toggl Solutions can turn time management into your organization’s core strategic advantage.

  • Customizability: Toggl Solutions works with you to customize your time tracking process for your specific operational requirements.
  • Scalability: Toggl Solutions scales with your organization, facilitating a smoother transition as your team and workload expand.
  • Expert Partnership: Our customer success managers and engineers will identify potential hurdles and opportunities for your organization, while proactively planning how to maximize success—together. It’s not just support – it’s an expert partnership to make your time tracking program a success.

 I am closely working with the Toggl Solutions team, and they are always very supportive and find ways to help us with our job — they create new tools that are easy and quick to use.

N.C, Administrative Assistant, Real Estate Company

What do Toggl Solutions include?

Toggl Solutions covers multiple areas, including three key processes: Bulk actions, Custom reporting and ETL Services. Let’s dive into each of them.

Bulk actions: Accelerate complex processes

  • Bulk user management: Efficiently manage users with bulk invitations, role adjustments, or billable rate updates.
  • Bulk project management: Rapidly modify project details, merge projects, create new ones from templates, or rename entities.
  • Bulk data operations: Automate CSV or Excel file creation for bulk data management or facilitate mass exports of reports in multiple formats.

Success stories:

✔️ Software company, time tracking team of 200+: Bulk switch projects from public to private, assigning a user to each project.

✔️ Pharma company, time tracking team of 360+: Added tasks to all projects simultaneously, bypassing the need for manual entry.

✔️ Esteemed Silicon Valley university, time tracking team of 10+: Integrated a new user across all projects without the need to add them one by one.

Custom reporting: Tailor insights for confident decisions

  • Time and project reporting: Generate custom reports, deliver profitability analyses by project, and create detailed reports over specific periods.
  • Comparative analysis: Swiftly compare user and project performance against targets and benchmarks.
  • Data visualization: Visualize data distribution and activities with advanced tools for clearer insight.

Success stories:

✔️ Fyxer, Software company, time tracking team of 40: Custom reporting tool that reformatted and exported time tracking data, multiplying recorded time for billing adjustments. This innovation saved countless admin hours: “We have had excellent support from the Toggl Solutions team. The building of a custom report has been great”, Lo-Anne Lewis, Talent Acquisition Lead, Fyxer.

ETL Services: Optimize your data environment

  • Data export and import: Customize and automate data exports, enhance data migration, and maintain comprehensive client records.
  • Data integration and sync: Integrate data from external systems like Salesforce and adjust for daily operations.
  • Data transformation: Consolidate time entries from multiple projects, generate custom CSV lists of time entries, and adjust timesheet lock dates across your organization.

Success stories:

✔️ Software company, time tracking team of 180+: Automated the adjustment of timesheet lock dates across multiple workspaces, eliminating daily manual updates and saving significant time: “Thank you so much, really appreciate the support here!

A note on pricing

As a gesture of gratitude, we are excited to offer Toggl Solutions to you— our existing Toggl users—at no initial cost. As we continue to enhance Toggl Solutions with more features and capabilities, it will eventually evolve into a paid service. The future pricing structure will mirror the substantial value it delivers to businesses, ensuring our solutions remain both affordable and transformative. 

Book your consultation today to discuss how Toggl Solutions can power your team

Toggl Solutions users are already feeling the benefits of what our new service can offer. If you’re ready for a customizable process to help your company scale, connect with your Customer Success Manager to tailor a Toggl Solution that fits 🤝

The Toggl Team

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