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Never forget to track time spent on tasks and projects

Record a calendar timeline of all your work activities throughout the day. When you’re ready to share, simply copy the activities to your timesheet.

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Companies that use Toggl Track: Microsoft, LinkedIn, Nielsen, XSmartLabs, BCG, UVAHealth, JLL, KPMG, Danfoss
Companies that use Toggl Track: Microsoft, LinkedIn, Nielsen, XSmartLabs, BCG, UVAHealth, JLL, KPMG, Danfoss

Trusted by 70,000+ growing teams worldwide

Time tracking doesn’t have to be a chore

Easily switch between apps, websites, and docs without needing to remember to log time. Use an app that helps you eliminate human errors.

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Bill clients accurately

Capture every billable minute across your entire team. Share comprehensive data with clients, providing accountability and building trust.

Toggl Track screenshot of background activity feature where users can convert desktop activity to time entries

Log time entries faster

Save time spent in remembering and recording work activities. Record a personal timeline of activities. Copy what you want to share and ignore or delete the rest.

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No sneaky surveillance

Toggl Track only records activities that are 100% private to the user. No screenshots, and no mouse tracking. The user decides what to share as time entries.

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Automatic time tracking? Do you mean spying on my employees?

No, we don’t. Automatic time tracking is 100% private to the users.

Toggl makes it easy for employees to remember their daily work activities. Your employees can choose which activities to share as time entries and which to ignore. So you can drive profitability and growth while prioritizing your team's trust and well-being.

Companies that use Toggl Track see:

40+ hours saved monthly

at Perception Engineering with one-click time tracking and reporting

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100% time tracking adoption

with easy, non-intrusive time reporting at software consultancy Newlogic

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20% increase in profitability

by accurately tracking billable work hours at Sweat+Co PR agency

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Want to make time tracking a breeze for your employees?

Checkmark iconNo screenshots

Checkmark iconNo mouse tracking

Checkmark iconChoose what you share

Automatic time tracking features

Easily switch between apps and tasks without needing to remember to log time.

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100% private

Recorded apps, and websites never leave your device and are never shared with anyone until you copy them as time entries. You decide what to share and what to leave out.

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Absolutely accurate

Eliminate manual time entries and start-stop timers. Record all your activities and idle time accurately to the second. Get accurate time tracking data and bill clients accurately.

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Automated project time tracker

Map keywords in app and website titles with projects. Get a notification to start a project time entry every time you open a window with a specific keyword in the title.

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Idle time notifications

Get notified when you’re inactive or away from the keyboard. Record the idle time and discard it or add the idle time as a new time entry.

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Personal overview

Get a visual overview of your activity levels on a calendar timeline. Group activities in fixed 15 minute intervals or dynamically based on start-stop times.

Icon of a laptop and mobile phone with the Toggl Track app
Sync across devices

Work with multiple devices? Enable syncing to sync your local activities across devices. Disable syncing and the recorded activities never leave your device.

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Why 120,000+ users started tracking time with Toggl Track in the last 30 days

Capterra award: Voted best ease of use by 2256 reviews

Start logging time, faster

Low learning curve with no training necessary.

G2 logo and five stars

Easy to set up, easy to use, and desktop app is super handy. The reports are really useful and insightful as well.

Sarah, Graphic Designer

Track time anywhere

So nobody views time tracking or reporting as a dreaded chore.

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I love how the desktop and mobile apps synchronize seamlessly. The reminders to track time and record idle time are handy.

Maryse, Security Analyst

Top-rated support

With a dedicated customer success manager for enterprise teams.

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Regular updates ensure that any bugs are caught quickly and customer support responds within a day; these features make using Toggl Track a breeze.

Trevor, Senior Project Leader

100% accurate

Make every billable minute count. Bill accurately.

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I now know exactly how long tasks take and how much time I spend on client projects.

Andrew, Managing Director

Tracks apps and websites

So you don’t forget what you’ve worked on throughout the day.

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The desktop app automatically tracks open apps and websites. I don’t have to remember to stop the timer.

Heather, Virtual Assistant

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Small team and no budget? We have you covered

“The best free time tracking app”

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Learning to use Toggl is a breeze, because it's highly intuitive and simple. It ushers you along quickly so that you get back to work right away and start tracking your time immediately. The free plan is generous and could be more than adequate for solo workers or even small groups of up to five people with light needs.

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It's not one of those apps where you need to spend half a day figuring out how to actually use it: sessions can be started as they happen or added later, and once the app has got a feel for your schedule and how you work, it'll even make suggestions about what you want to track next.

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With Toggl Track, you can track your time right away and view your tracked time entries, and worry about the details later. It also has a generous free tier of service that gives you access to all its apps (Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, Linux, Web, and browser extensions).

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How automatic time tracking works?

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Create your free account

Yes, you can start using Toggl Track 100% free.

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Invite your team

Get your entire team set up in seconds. You can invite up to five team members for free.

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Get Toggl Track Desktop apps

Toggl Track works across devices. Our desktop apps support automatic time tracking. Download them from the Windows and Mac app store.

Toggl Track desktop app option to enable or disable activity recording

Enable activity recording

Log in to the desktop app, and enable automatic activity recording. This automatically tracks apps and websites active for 10 seconds or more.

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Keep activities private

All app and website activity is stored locally. They’re not shared with any other team member. Visualize your activities on the calendar timeline.

Toggl Track screenshot of background activity and the option to convert them into time entries

Submit time entries

When you’re ready, copy activities as time entries and submit. Your timesheet is ready, without having to remember everything you did during the day.

Join 5 million users tracking their time to get results

Toggl Track's Free plan is free forever. Our Premium plan comes with a free, 30-day trial. No credit card required to get started.


What is an automated time tracker?

Will an automatic time tracking software record my screen?

Will Toggl share the apps and websites I use with my manager?

Is Toggl Track’s automatic time tracking 100% free?

Get your team on accurate, automated time tracking

A time tracker for employees that makes time logging a breeze without invading their privacy? Yes, please.

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