Industry standard
employee time tracking

Improved planning

Understand how much time tasks actually take in the team. Make informed decisions about future employee resource planning and fine-tune your estimates.

Higher profitability

Get an accurate ROI on the time your employees are investing in your projects. Renegotiate contracts or drop projects that are harming your operations.

Better client relations

Share timesheet reports with clients to develop trusting relationships that last a long time. Use real data to back your business decisions.

Toggl employee time tracking on different devices laptop, phone, ipad, smartwatch Integrates with almost any system

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1. If it’s a web tool — get the Chrome extension and highlight any word to start tracking
2. If it’s something else — use our public API to develop your own connection

Toggl Enterprise

It's our time tracking solution for large or complex organizations. It includes all Toggl Premium features, plus priority support. Additional services and custom pricing is negotiated on a case-by-case basis.