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Tired of compiling reports from Excel timesheets? See exactly how your team spends time with Toggl Track’s simple, customizable, visual, online time reporting software.

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Companies that use Toggl Track: Microsoft, LinkedIn, Nielsen, XSmartLabs, BCG, UVAHealth, JLL, KPMG, Danfoss
Companies that use Toggl Track: Microsoft, LinkedIn, Nielsen, XSmartLabs, BCG, UVAHealth, JLL, KPMG, Danfoss

Trusted by 70,000+ growing teams worldwide

Time tracking and reporting software for every need

Time tracking and reporting that matches your needs and budget — whether you need lightweight, ready-made reports or a fully customizable time reporting system.

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Simple, non-intrusive time tracking

Track your team’s time using an automated time tracker or timer or manually across web, desktop, and mobile devices — no screenshots; choose what you share.

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Generate accurate timesheets

Use the built-in reports to generate accurate timesheets based on your team’s tracked hours — filter and group by clients, projects, users, billability, and more.

Toggl Track's audit features such as required time entries and time entry lock

Detailed time logs

Review and export time entries for compliance and audits. Filter the time log with clients, projects, users, or billability. Customize and apply time rounding.

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Track project performance

Monitor project progress with budget forecasting, estimated vs. actual, and income vs. expense reports. Take corrective action to deliver projects profitably.

Beyond one-size-fits-all

Analytics and custom reporting

Explore Analytics — our powerful tool that lets you gain better insights into your team and project time data. Analyze time data with flexible grouping and filtering options to customize, generate, and present time data charts and reports.

Explore Analytics
Toggl Track Analytics' feature
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Toggl Track gives us the opportunity to outcompete our rivals. When we pitch new business, we bring our Toggl Track Time Reports and demonstrate the level of visibility we can provide.

— David Jackson, CEO at FullStack Labs

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Time reporting software? Isn’t Excel simpler?

Excel may be simple, but only for individuals.

It’s a nightmare for team managers — to compile timesheets, summarize, review, and then send them to clients. In contrast, Toggl Track’s time tracking and reporting software generates reports with one click. Plus, you can build custom charts and reporting dashboards to analyze team and project performance.

But don’t just take our word for it.

Companies that use Toggl Track see:

40+ hours saved monthly

at Perception Engineering with one-click time tracking and reporting

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100% time tracking adoption

with easy, non-intrusive time reporting at software consultancy Newlogic

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20% increase in profitability

by accurately tracking billable work hours at Sweat+Co PR agency

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Make team time reporting simple, insightful, and stress-free

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Online time reporting system features

All the time reporting features you need to generate accurate, insightful time reports.

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Ready-made reports

Don’t want to fiddle around with custom reporting? Use our built-in reporting features to generate accurate timesheets, export time logs, and track project performance.

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Customizable time reporting

Need deeper insights into how your team spends their time? Use our Analytics tool to analyze time data, build custom charts, and make visual dashboards.

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Filters and grouping

Need more ways to slice and dice reports? Customize built-in and custom-built reports further with filtering and grouping options for clients, projects, tasks, users, and more.

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Time audits

Frustrated with abnormal time entries? Run a quick time audit to spot out-of-place time entries to keep your time data accurate.

Icon for timesheet approvals
Timesheet approvals

Need a review process in place? Set up an approval workflow — review, approve or reject time entries before sharing with clients.

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Export report data

Export filtered and grouped time entries in PDF, CSV, or XLS formats to import them into your accounting and payroll software.

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Why 120,000+ users started tracking time with Toggl Track in the last 30 days

Capterra award: Voted best ease of use by 2256 reviews

Simple time tracking and reporting

Easy to use time reports for every use case.

G2 logo and five stars

Toggl simplifies time tracking. It’s easy to create multiple clients, projects, and tasks and track time against them. The reports generated are straightforward too.

Grace, Managing Director

Quick to set up and customize

So you don’t have to settle for less.

G2 logo and five stars

Quick to set up, yet allows for some deep customization. Reporting and visualization available built into the app, so I don't have to export the data to do it elsewhere.

Jesse, Digital Marketing Specialist

Top-rated support

With a dedicated customer success manager for enterprise teams.

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Regular updates ensure that any bugs are caught quickly and customer support responds within a day; these features make using Toggl Track a breeze.

Trevor, Senior Project Leader

Customizable reports

Why settle for generic out-of-box reports?

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I work on a variety of projects for a variety of clients and am able to tailor my reporting to the specific requirements of my clients.

Vedran, Quality Control

Better than the best

And we're 100% against employee surveillance — use a time tracker that gets a "yes" from every employee.

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Chose Toggl Track after trialing 20+ similar time tracking tools.

Andy, Software Consultant

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Small team and no budget? We have you covered

“The best free time tracking app”

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Learning to use Toggl is a breeze, because it's highly intuitive and simple. It ushers you along quickly so that you get back to work right away and start tracking your time immediately. The free plan is generous and could be more than adequate for solo workers or even small groups of up to five people with light needs.

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It's not one of those apps where you need to spend half a day figuring out how to actually use it: sessions can be started as they happen or added later, and once the app has got a feel for your schedule and how you work, it'll even make suggestions about what you want to track next.

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With Toggl Track, you can track your time right away and view your tracked time entries, and worry about the details later. It also has a generous free tier of service that gives you access to all its apps (Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, Linux, Web, and browser extensions).

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How does Toggl Track’s time reporting system work?

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Create your free account

Start using Toggl Track — 100% free.

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Invite your team

Get your entire team set up in seconds. You can invite up to five team members for free.

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Track your team’s time

Get accurate time records with an automated time tracker or timer or manually across the web, desktop, and mobile devices.

Various data elements such as a pie chart with billable information and total amount of time spent on tasks such as 'Meetings' and 'Bug fixes'

Use built-in reports

Generate accurate timesheets, export time logs, forecast, and track project performance based on your team’s time tracking data — filter and group reports by clients, projects, tasks, users, and more.

Screenshot of reporting dashboard snippets

Build custom dashboards

Create custom charts and reporting dashboards based on your team’s tracked work hours to analyze, gain insights, and present team and project performance. Use ready-made templates to get started quicker.

A Toggl Track report with the option to email them to share to clients

Save, export, and print reports

Save reports and access them in the future. Export reports in PDF, CSV, and XLS formats, or share them via email.

Join 5 million users tracking their time to get results

Toggl Track's Free plan is free forever. Our Premium plan comes with a free, 30-day trial. No credit card required to get started.


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