How Toggl Solutions Helped a Software Company of 400+ Save Hours in Manual Work with a Custom Report
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How Toggl Solutions Helped a Software Company of 400+ Save Hours in Manual Work with a Custom Report

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Getting your large team to track their time and make the most out of the data definitely requires more than a one-size-fits-all approach.

That’s why we introduced Toggl Solutions — a service from our Customer Success Engineering team that builds needed customizations for your team. Services include bulk actions, custom reports, and data processing services.

Let’s explore how Toggl Solutions helped a software development company Netguru save hours of manual work for its 400+ employees every month by delivering a custom report — all within a week.

Netguru’s Tax Specialist Joanna Burkiciak: “We needed to automate a detailed report based on Toggl data to avoid manual work.”

Netguru’s finance team uses reports with employees assigned tasks in Salesforce when handling settlements. They need project and employee IDs to combine this report with the detailed hourly report from Toggl, calculating how many hours were worked on specific projects and ensuring all hours were marked in Toggl.

For Joanna Burkiciak, a tax relief and subsidy specialist at Netguru, the process was cumbersome.

“Many times during the month, we needed to download a detailed hourly report from Toggl for a specific period. Then, we needed to download a JSON report with the rest of the essential data, unpack the compressed data, and manually combine these reports into one spreadsheet,” she explained. 

“This process involved several team members and was very time-consuming. Additionally, it was prone to delays — sometimes it would take 24 hours to receive the JSON reports, which risked delaying our company settlements.” 

To avoid manual work, Netguru needed to automate its processes based on Toggl data. The end goal was to allow the company’s finance team to get information from a single report. Here, the team would choose a specific period (day, week, month, or more) and include columns such as User, Project, Task, Tag, Billable, Description, Start date, Start time, End date, End time, Duration, User ID, and Project ID.

To make it happen, Netguru turned to Toggl Solutions. 

Implementation: Custom Report Delivered in Less Than a Week

Within a week, Toggl Solutions provided access to an internal tool that exports custom reports using the Toggl API.

Here is what the process looked like:

  • Step one. The company’s IT Manager shared the Toggl Solutions article internally to discuss. This allowed the company to identify the broader potential of what they could do with Toggl Solutions, even for stakeholders who are not active Toggl Track users.
  • Step two. The Finance department saw the potential for a custom report to fix its issues with manual data collection.
  • Step three. After defining its requirements for a custom report, Netguru’s Finance department discussed possibilities with the Toggl Solutions team. Clearly defining problems and providing an outline of the desired outcome, including a sample document illustrating the expected output, was crucial in delivering the needed report in a short time.
  • Step four. Within a week, Toggl Solutions engineers provided access to an internal tool that enabled the export of the needed report.

Interested in Learning How Toggl Solutions Can Help Your Team?

Get your team onboard — share this information about Toggl Solutions with different departments in your company and brainstorm where Toggl Solutions can drive value. 

If your team agrees on a need to use Toggl Solutions, prepare an answer to the three questions below and reach out to your Customer Success Manager to get things rolling:

  1. Are there limitations or gaps in Toggl products’ current functionalities that hinder your business processes or are potential success opportunities?
  2. Among these limitations or opportunities, which ones have the most significant impact on your operations and need immediate attention?
  3. Considering these critical issues, what are the simplest custom solutions or enhancements you envision that could effectively address them?

Once we go through your needs and determine what’s possible — our team will take it from there! 

Toggl Solutions is currently a free service for our long-term customers. It will eventually become a paid offering.

The Toggl Team

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