Top 20 Tech Conferences to Attend in 2020
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Top 20 Tech Conferences to Attend in 2020

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Top 20 Tech Conferences to Attend in 2020_

Have you started working on your New Year’s resolution for 2020 yet? If you set a goal related to your professional development, you’ll want to get some 2020 tech conferences pencilled into your calendar. Conferences give you the opportunity to learn from experts, stay on top of industry trends, and forge connections with your industry peers. 

Not sure which events are worth attending? We have you covered. We’re breaking down 20 of the top conferences of the year for programmers, UX and UI designers, and digital marketers.

Check them out, get your tickets (the earlier the better, as most of these sell out quickly!), and prepare for the best year of your career yet. 

Top tech conferences in 2020 for programmers and software developers

1. CodeMash

When: January 7-10, 2020

Where: Sandusky, Ohio

Registration Price: $350-$1,000

How to Register: Buy your tickets here

While CodeMash is aimed specifically at developers, it offers a little bit of everything. You’ll hear about current practices, emerging technologies, new methodologies, and tips to advance your programming and development career. And the conference doesn’t just focus on one platform or programming language; sessions cover everything from Java and .NET to Ruby and PHP. Plus, there are two days’ worth of hands-on workshops, meaning you’re in for some live learning, and not just listening to speakers. 

2. DeveloperWeek

When: February 12-16, 2020

Where: San Francisco Bay Area, California

Cost: $495-$1,595

How to Register: Buy your tickets here

Ah, you’ve already heard of DeveloperWeek? We’re not surprised. Billed as the world’s largest developer and engineering technology expo (with over 8,000 people in attendance each year!), it’s made quite a name for itself in the industry. This event isn’t one-size-fits-all. There are over 14 different tracks you can choose that cater to special interests and industry subsets—from artificial intelligence to scalability to JavaScript. 

3. Devoxx France

When: April 15-17, 2020

Where: Paris, France

Cost: $245-$700

How to Register: Buy your tickets here

If you want a conference that’s mainly focused on Java, the Devoxx family of conferences is for you. There are hundreds of exhibitors and speakers, with plenty of hands-on labs and workshops to put what you’re learning to the test. Can’t make this one? Devoxx offers numerous different conferences around the world. Check them all out here

4. DEVOPS 2020

When: April 21-23, 2020

Where: Helsinki, Finland

Cost: $390-$945

How to Register: Buy your tickets here

Touted as Europe’s number one DevOps event, DEVOPS packs a lot in with keynotes and technical workshops on cloud computing, data, and security. You’ll connect with industry experts and engage in thought-provoking conversations about how DevOps will evolve in the coming decade. 

5. GlueCon

When: May 20-21, 2020

Where: Broomfield, Colorado 

Cost: $795-$1,495

How to Register: Buy your tickets here

Entering its eleventh year, GlueCon places equal emphasis on education and community. This developer-oriented conference covers a huge array of topics (that change every year), from APIs to Edge Computing. The conference’s founders say it best: “If you’re tired of sales pitches disguised as talks, sessions that never do more than scratch the surface, throngs of people that seem more concerned with the after-parties than the education, and networking that has no lasting impact, then GlueCon is for you.”

6. Open Source Summit North America 2020

When: June 22-24, 2020

Where: Austin, Texas

Cost: $275-$1,200

How to Register: Registration not yet open

Hosted by The Linux Foundation, a non-profit technology consortium, which hosts tons of different technology events all over the world throughout the year. This conference is the big one. That’s because it combines what used to be three separate events (LinuxCon, ContainerCon, and Cloud Open) into one major get-together called the Open Source Summit. You can expect plenty of enlightening conversations and best practices, and you’ll also be the first to know any major announcements from the foundation and any partner companies. 

Top tech conferences in 2020 for UX and UI designers

7. ConveyUX Seattle

When: March 3-5, 2020

Where: Seattle, Washington 

Cost: $995 (early bird pricing) 

How to Register: Buy your tickets here

ConveyUX hosts conferences on both coasts—one in Boston and one in Seattle—and both are worth a visit. However, there’s more information readily available for the Seattle event (since it’s coming up first). Their 2020 conference is their largest program yet, with 65 sessions from 50 different experts. Attendees will hear about tons of emerging technologies and topics, such as building user trust and designing for the evolution of voice-powered technology. 

8. Design Thinking 2020

When: April 14-17, 2020

Where: Austin, Texas

Cost: $1,799-$3,199 (early bird pricing)

How to Register: Buy your tickets here

Design Thinking brings together design and innovation professionals from a variety of industries to network and learn. The speaker lineup has yet to be announced, but the 2019 conference featured keynotes from design leaders at PepsiCo, Google, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Samsung Electronics, Discovery Inc., and more. We’re willing to bet that this year’s roster is going to be just as good (if not better!).

9. UX STRAT Asia

When: April 20-21. 2020

Where: Singapore

Cost: $595-$795

How to Register: Buy your tickets here

UX Strat has previously hosted tech conferences in the U.S. and in Europe (and those are still happening in 2020, too), but this year they’re also heading to Asia for the first time ever. As their conference page explains, this event is all about bringing “together design leaders, strategists, user researchers, design-focused data scientists, product managers, and experienced design professionals from many nations for presentations and workshops about the latest trends at the intersection of business strategy, user experience, product design, and service design.”

10. SmashingConf SF 2020

When: April 21-22, 2020

Where: San Francisco, California 

Cost: $499-$1,297

How to Register: Buy your tickets here

SmashingConf is considered one of the top conferences for designers. There’s a single track with 13 different speakers who will talk about accessibility, performance, security, interface design, and more. Be aware that SmashingConf has been known to put together some pretty awesome pre-conference events, so it’s well worth getting there a day early. Can’t make it to this one? SmashingConf is hosting several other events throughout the year in Austin, Texas, Freiburg, Germany, and New York, NY. 

11. UX and Digital Design Week

When: August 10-14, 2020

Where: London, England

Cost: $2,830

How to Register: Request more information and apply here

Far from a mega conference, this intimate get-together is more about immersive experiences. With just 25 spots available, entrepreneurs, UX designers, and product managers from around the globe gather in a small group to go behind-the-scenes of London’s tech and creative industry to explore the hottest trends and latest inventions—including hearing from numerous teams behind groundbreaking products. The format features a good mix of keynote presentations, case studies. fire-side chats, roundtable discussions, and mini-workshops all conducted at the actual company offices.

12. UXDX Conference

When: October 7-9, 2020

Where: Dublin, Ireland 

Cost: Not yet released

How to Register: Get advanced notice of ticket sales by signing up here

Want to hear from some of the brightest minds in the industry? There’s arguably no better place to do so than at UXDX. While not much information about 2020 has been released yet, the 2019 conference featured talks from leaders at Reddit, Google, Uber, Lego, Spotify, Mastercard, and more. Needless to say, this conference presents an unmatched opportunity to get your hands on some expert insights. 

13. World Usability Congress

When: October 20-21, 2020

Where: Graz, Austria 

Cost: Not yet released

How to Register: Not yet available

This two-day international conference covers all things related to user design and will host over 40 speakers from a variety of industries. Topics slated for 2020 include software development, ecommerce, UX research, data visualization, UX and robotics, and interaction design. 

Top tech conferences in 2020 for digital marketers

14. Social Media Marketing World

When: March 1-3, 2020

Where: San Diego, California

Cost: $497-$1,697

How to Register: Buy your tickets here

Brought to you by Social Media Examiner, Social Media Marketing World attracts thousands of marketers to discuss all things social media. There are sessions for nearly every social platform under the sun. And, before you think it’s only for social media managers, take note that there are sessions related to content marketing, analytics, video creation, customer advocacy, and more. 

15. Digital Sales and Marketing World

When: April 5-7, 2020

Where: Hartford, Connecticut 

Cost: $399-$1,099 (super early bird pricing)

How to Register: Buy your tickets here

This conference isn’t just for marketers. It prides itself on bringing together marketing, sales, and leadership teams to foster alignment on all things digital. The last two days of the conference are split into role and industry-specific summits, so you can get highly-targeted information that you can use to make an impact at your own company.

16. Programmatic I/O

When: May 11-12, 2020

Where: San Francisco, California

Cost: $1,695-$1,995

How to Register: Buy your tickets here

This is another niche conference focused on programmatic media and marketing. But just because it’s focused doesn’t mean it’s small—there are typically over 1,200 attendees, five tailored agendas, over 65 expert speakers, and more than 50 sessions to educate you on the future of digital marketing. 

17. MozCon

When: July 6-8, 2020

Where: Seattle, Washington 

Cost: $799-$1,299 (super early bird pricing) 

How to Register: Buy your tickets here

Feel like search engine algorithms are constantly changing? First, you’re right. And second, that’s exactly why MozCon, a search marketing conference, focuses on what you can do to stay ahead of the curve. You’ll walk away with tons of practical tips from industry-leading practitioners in the vast world of SEO, mobile, conversion optimization, local search, and more.

18. Inbound 2020

When: August 18-21, 2020

Where: Boston, Massachusetts 

Cost: $49-$1,299

How to Register: Buy your tickets here

At Inbound, thousands of marketing and sales professionals from around the world come together for this massive business event. There are over 250 speakers and tons of interactive sessions covering a variety of topics. Even better? Inbound has a reputation for being a ridiculously fun time, with nightly parties on the conference schedule. 

19. Content Jam

When: TBD

Where: Chicago, Illinois 

Cost: TBD 

How to Register: TBD 

Want a conference exclusively focused on content marketing? Content Jam is for you. The event’s various speakers facilitate discussions and offer advice on content strategy, promotion, conversion, and analytics. The 2019 event is just wrapping up, which means there isn’t any information available for 2020 quite yet. But you’ll want to keep a close eye on this one so you can snag your tickets as soon as they’re announced—this event sells out every year. 

20. Advertising Week

When: Varies

Where: Varies

Cost: Varies

How to Register: Find out more about Advertising Week events here

Advertising Week is one of the biggest events dedicated to marketing, advertising, technology, and brand professionals. In fact, it’s so big, there’s no way they could fit it into a single event. There are Advertising Week conferences in Mexico City, London, Tokyo, Johannesburg, Sydney, and New York happening throughout 2020. Click here to find out more about each event and figure out which one is the best fit for you. 

Pencil these tech conferences into your calendar

Adding some tech conferences to your schedule can mean big things for your career. These events offer an opportunity to learn what’s new in your industry, pick up some actionable tips and strategies, and network with other people in your field.

Sound like a worthy use of your time? We thought so. 

There’s no shortage of tech conferences available, so pick a favorite (or even a few!) and snag your tickets. We’re willing to bet you’ll walk away with way more than you bargained for (not including the free swag). 

While you’re at it, don’t miss these other helpful resources:

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