Modern Work

How much do we slow down during holidays? A Toggl analysis.

You always hear about those studies that have found that American workers log the most working hours per capita in the world. Or that Germany is the most hard-working nation in Europe.


Better Faster Stronger – The New Toggl API

Six months ago we wrote about moving to the Go programming language and replacing our Ruby on Rails backend. Step-by-step we have done that and now most of the ajax requests inside Toggl (especially  m.toggl and Toggl Desktop) use our new Go API  (Toggl API v8), which sits in it’s very own server separate from the clunky


New on Toggl: Timeline

We have launched the first version of Toggl Timeline, it: Helps you track time more accurately by logging your activities; Represents your daily computer usage in 15min chunks To use the Timeline: Log in to Toggl web Enable Timeline (click here for detailed instructions) Open and log in to Toggl Desktop on your computer (click


Automatic invoicing with Toggl-Margn sync

Now you can bill time entries with easy-to-use accounting software. Toggl is now fully integrated with Margn accounting software! It’s a new accounting tool that helps you bill time entries, manage receivables & payables, track expenses and see how your company is doing with the help of financial reports. Please read more on their blog.


New Toggl Desktop for Mac

UPDATE: This is an outdated blog post. The latest Toggl Desktop download links can be found here – You’re all welcome to test out our new Toggl Desktop! Download it here – It features: idle detection, keyboard shortcuts, offline support, similar user interface as Toggl web The first fully featured version is available on Mac only,

Time Management

Nine Ideas to Make Your Employees Track Time

I’ve implemented time tracking in several companies and it was as difficult as talking Gabrielle Solis into a three month backpacking trip in Central Asia. First, in most companies there is a tragic history of time-tracking gone wrong. Usually it involves some complicated systems with names like Trackrmax or Megonomy — the soviet pocket calculators


Our Android application now includes a widget

UPDATE: You’ve found an ancient post! Widgets are not a thing anymore, but check out Toggl apps for Android and iOS. We just released a new version of our Android application. The biggest change is that now it includes a widget that gives you fast access to your time entries. It looks like this: The


Introducing Planner, our new product for team schedule planning

UPDATE: This post is very, very old. But Planner is still alive and well – but it’s now called Teamweek. Check it out! We are announcing a public beta version of our new product – Planner. Planner is a web application with the main purpose of managing your team’s schedule. It: gives you a birds-eye view of


A lot of updates in Toggl. Check it out!

Today was another launchday. Here’s what got done: 1. Tags in the Timer Now you can add/remove tags right there in the Timer. Just select them from the dropdown.                   2. New feeds You may have already noticed a few new icons on the dashboard.    


New feature – tags

Hi you all, We have released a new version of Toggl – 1.3. There is a new feature in the latest release – tags. It enables you to add tags to tasks. It goes like this: create new tags under the properties tab go to the task list in the reports (‘list view’, ‘do not


5 Ways to Have Killer Meetings

Besides time tracking there is another issue I find extremely important for SMEs (or SMBs if you will) like ours – information flow. How do you make sure that everyone knows what he or she needs to know? How do you gather good ideas or just give status report to everyone in the team? There