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Toggl Premium for Businesses

If you’re simply looking to track time, any stopwatch will do. Toggl goes beyond time tracking.

Spark better business decisions with Toggl Premium.

  • Delivered using the highest standards of data security and privacy.
  • One-on-one support from real humans.
  • An API for customized solutions.
  • Quick setup with the help of a dedicated consultant.
  • Manual and automated tracking modes for optimized flexibility.
Trusted by over 70,000+ teams, including:
  • Amazon uses Toggl
  • Google uses Toggl
  • Booking.com uses Toggl
  • Microsoft uses Toggl
  • Boston Consulting Group uses Toggl
  • Salesforce uses Toggl

Looking to onboard a big team?

Toggl offers a free demo for 15+ teams to learn how to best use Toggl.

Here's how Toggl data can help your business

Globally, team leads use Toggl to track work data and supercharge their productivity.

Track time for better team planning
Estimates & team planning
Track time to inprove business processes
Business processes
Track time for budget projections
Budget projections
Pinpoint scope creep with time data
Project scope & pinpointing scope creep
Identify money-saving opportunities
Money-saving areas & opportunities
Use time data to analyze profitability
Profitability analysis
Be transparent with your client
Client accountability
Use time data for staffing and team allocation
Staffing & team allocation
Togglman loves data Data wheel

From a manager’s perspective, Toggl is very useful for seeing the overall progress of the entire team, as well as showing the effectiveness of each team member. I can catch and solve potential issues early, which is definitely better than dealing with consequences.

Avi, Account Manager, London

Bring agility to your
team's workflow

Toggl Premium allows you to focus on your core business, while leaving the admin work to us. Everything we do, we do in the name of simplicity.

Time Tracking with Admin checking

Prevent incomplete time entries

Require specific details for each Time Entry, and ensure proper data reporting from the get-go.

Lock Old Time Entries

Lock old reports to keep your data accurate

Your team will not be able to edit their time entries after a certain point. Share time reports with clients or your accountant, knowing that your data will stay reliable.

Schedule your reports to your email

Automatically send reports to your email

No more manually downloading the same reports. Schedule them to regularly arrive in your inbox so you’ll always stay up to date without logging into Toggl.

Send automated reminder emails to track time

Set up time tracking reminders to your team

Is your team forgetting to log their time? Don’t stress about it. We’ll send them an automatic reminder if they’ve tracked fewer than their target hours.

Audit time tracked to catch inconsistencies

Clean up reports with Time Audits

Save time and prevent the hassle of getting teammates to review their timesheets. Catch incorrect entries with just one click.

Add missing time for team members

Add missing time for members

Don’t waste time waiting for your team to submit missing hours. Fix incomplete reports quickly and easily by yourself.

We’re using Toggl to analyze the profitability of the projects we do for our clients, and for tracking our internal ROI. But when we need to, we can also show our data to clients — negotiating is a lot easier when you have the facts behind you!

Cassandra, Creative Director, New York