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To receive help for the visual calendar tool visit Toggl Plan. For help with the hiring tool, email Toggl Hire.

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Frequently asked questions

Who is behind Toggl?

Toggl is made by a remote team spread all over the globe. One thing we all share is a belief that software should empower people, and not get in their way. Our headquarters are in Estonia: Toggl OÜ, Tartu mnt 25, Tallinn, 10117, Estonia.

Toggl Team

Do you have any tutorials to help me get started?

Yes, we do! Our knowledge base has detailed guides for all available features in every single Toggl app. Articles contain images or GIFs (sometimes both) to help you better understand what the content is referring to.

Open Toggl knowledge base

Can I track time on my phone?

Toggl is available as a dedicated app on both iOS and Android. Both apps will allow you to track time and view some basic reports. To grab it, just search the App Store or Play Store for “Toggl”.

Mobile app details

How can I track time with others?

You can start by creating a new workspace that will be used for this group of people. With the workspace created, open the “Team” page and start inviting your colleagues. Each of them will receive an email saying you’re inviting them to track time together.

Team tracking guide

Can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel at any time by opening the Subscription page and downgrading to the Free plan. Despite the cancellation, your workspace won’t be downgraded immediately. It will be moved to the Free plan once the current billing cycle ends. Workspaces on the annual plan will remain on the paid plan until all funds are depleted.

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